VANITY STYLE – Fashion Magazine!

It’s very encouraging to see Nepal Kathmandu progressing on such different fields… 

However, I’ve echoed this many times before and shall make it a point to state it here as well. It’s a shame that much of the existing businesses/media publication etc cannot venture beyond the Kathmandu, Pokhara, Biratnagar circuit. The only Nepali company that can be seen from East to West of Nepal is NCELL. And even that can be argued; NCELL is part of the TeliaSonera group. Coming to the point, it would be nice to see such upcoming magazines trying to venture outside than just being centralised in Kathmandu. True, the reader base might not exist beyond the metropolitan areas (the few) of Nepal but they can least show us what ‘style or lifestyle’ is for people beyond Kathmandu… what ‘love’ and ‘expressions’ of love is for people in Pahad… in Terai… etc. Do you kinda get what I mean? Now you flick through the one of many lifestyle magazines in Nepal and they’re all too similar, there simply is no reason for you to shell out your Nrs 50 etc.

Moving along, here is an upcoming all out fashion magazine that will hopefully get all tongues wagging soon! It’s called Vanity Style. I see what they did there (*VANITY FAIR*). Just teasing. The mag aims to cover style from streets to the runway! Going back to the above paragraph, I hope the ‘street style’ won’t only feature the all too familiar Durbar Marg and Thamel but beyond such as the streets of Birgunj/Dharan etceteraaa, the showcase of how women wear their colours, how men dress up. Fashion is not always about creating a statement. Then again, who am I to talk here. We shall leave that to those who claim they know what fashion is. 

Here’s a few stills from the behind-the-scenes of the mag! Featuring the actress/model who seems to be widely featured currently in Nepal Kathmandu; Priyanka Karky!!

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  1. the makeup’s so bad! 50 percent of her face is goro, whereas the rest of it is tan!!someone in the makeup department is misusing their contouring skills?

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