Suraj Singh Thakuri on Folio!

Here’s a someone who you don’t see Facebooking and Tweeting! 

SURAJ SINGH THAKURI is gracing the cover of FOLIO magazine this month. He’s undoubtedly one of the most recognised face from television to the larger than life hoarding boards often seen dotted around Kathmandu. I don’t know if Call Kantipur still airs on Kantipur TV but I admired the way he carried the show and how he was a delight to watch, everyday!

Nepali Mag Folio seems to be consistent with their covers and applauds for their color scheme used. Looks elegant and thank god, no tackiness in sight. However, I think it would’ve been better to have ‘SURAJ SINGH THAKURI’ in the yellow writing as the feature to support the cover instead of the ‘Personality of the Month’ being highlighted. Just thought that would go better. The issue focuses on Radio Jockeys! Hitting stands soon, grab a copy!

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  1. Talking about folio: It’s one of the worst magazine in Ktm. Folio is just the collection of pictures and graphics. I have bought this magazine for three times but disappointed every time. Men of the year 2011 was the worst issue. Kasaile nachinne manche men of the year re. 2011 ma sukkha lako haru pani cha. k ho k murga banawuchhan.
    Ramro magazine ko kura garnhae ho bhane

    ECS media ko teenz
    haru matra cha

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