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I was just whizzing through Republica – The Week when I came across this coverage of the recent National Games that happened in Nepal. It’s very encouraging to see this, totally encourages the athletes and those watching – to take part in sports and further ones skills. The games were held for the first time in the Far-Western region; Dhanghadi, Mahendranagar and Tikapur. To see that even such remote places can pull of such events is remarkable. Hopefully in the future more events and opportunities are paved for such far regions of the East and West.

Photos have been beautifully captured by BIJAY GAJMER. He has really brought the players emotions and passion to life with his photos. A visual treat for the many who haven’t had a glimpse of the games. You can see all the photos here.

To find out the highs and lows of the National games and who claimed victory, read the write up by Nabin Khatiwada – here.

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