Sahana Bajracharya in Nepali Film KOLLYWOOD

If you’ve ever thought about acting then it very well looks like now is the time to make your way into Kollywood… actually let us say Nepali Cinema, many seem to dislike the choice of words used to describe our film industry.

The latest bombshell to sizzle in the cinemas is Sahana Bajracharya! This is not a surprise to many as some may already know that Sahana has in fact made a short appearance in the much talked about Goodbye Kathmandu, we’re still waiting to see what’s happening with that film but in Navaraj Acharya’s film KOLLYWOOD, Miss Bajracharya will be going all out as a lead actress opposite Aryan Sigdel. As you may have guessed already, the movie will expose the struggles and hardships behind the glitz and glam of ‘Kollywood’. Hmm what glam? what glitz? I see all this as a very recent happening. Well, it’s a movie… we shall wait and see how the glamour is portrayed.

What is quite worrying is the screenwriter and music director for the movie Pradeep Bastola saying that ”this movie will be undoubtedly the best film of the year”. Steady there mitra, most that say such things end up eating their very own words. Tick Tock! We shall wait and see. Shooting starts from May/June 2012.

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  1. Sahana Bajracharya wanna be actress but she can never act..and i am sure this movie is going to be super duper Flop only becoz of her..ughhh again waste of money and time..Choose someone who can act Navaraj not her atleast…

  2. ooooooooooooooooo yar again pakacha is directing first of all who made that ignorent director he should have been lightman seriously nepalk ma koi nai chai na ek dui jana bahaek genuine director koi chai na nepal ma director kasari hunae nepotism ya talent ko adhar ma ki eauta film ya teleserial keldai ma hunae katmanduuuuuu star k ho jpayo tai banau nae nepali janta le j pani hercha banaera tagnae ki jabarjasti director banae ko no offence mann but you need to work seriously malai teen maina tecnical kura sikae bane mai ramro film banaidin chu yar k ho khali kailae jenisha ko pachi kaile kasko pachi aile pani sahana lai try hana film banau na la ko paisa dubnae bo kasko ho kam ko pachi dauda sati sahana is out of ur league ani to sahana this is nepalllllllll derai attitude ali pacdai na i can believe such a beauty can b such an arrogent

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