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The line DANCE BABY DANCE deserves it’s very own Facebook page! I’ve heard so many people from the UK, Nepal to the US use it, or friends frequently saying lets go ‘parrryyy’. Without the entertaining duo RAPOHOLIC and ROBO KOK, we probably wouldn’t be using this line and word so frequently! To those who claim they know NepHop, this infamous duo did everything wrong to be where they are today and they strongly dislike them for it. But one thing that I’ve observed and admire of these two are for their continuous will to give so much more; to not give up. Whether its being surrounded by fellow Nepali MC’s at public events for a on the spot rap-battle to performing at countless club parties, Rapoholic and Robo Kok do not fail to deliver. So what there might be one too many dislikes on their videos or filthy comments, people love to watch their videos and see what Rapoholic’s saying. For the many Facebook bugs, they provide entertainment. 

Here is the freshly made video of STUDENT LIFE which was directed by Nawal S Rai and features Pramod as the on-screen model with Rapoholic also in it. While explaining the point of the video, Rapoholic simply says “its about the problems that foreign students face while studying abroad, lack of money, wanting to have fun, thinking about family and responsibility as well”. The lyrical content of the song discusses the problems that many international students face from colleges being shut down, visa issues to working illegally! The song could not have come at a better time as news circulate amongst the Nepali community of more international students fleeing to France and beyond as they outstay their visa. Many of these students are hoping to reach temporary camps in Belgium or make way to Spain where the immigration laws are a little more lenient than in the UK.

Thumbs up for the video and the message of the song. As Rapoholic has done this video solely for those who have stuck by him, supported and shared their love to him, I hope he continues to do just that and becomes a bigger inspiration for those with a deep desire to do something. The voice that says ”you’ve done it” is far more satisfying the thousands of whispers that you hear.

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Lex Limbu
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  1. ^ That 😀
    aru beat samatera ni garda hunthyo… too predictable. :(. m sure they’ll come up with better lyrics and songs pachi…hmm waiting for that day.

  2. Rapoholic is an utter irritation and duress causing artist if we can say so. Pls promote good artists Lex not him.

  3. Rapoholic is a real Nepali MC, real Rapper and real man who is trying to represent nepali hiphop whole oever the world, thank u lex for pormoting him…. haters are jealous with him nothing else i see a future of nephop in Rapoholic

  4. ankit man you are seriously disillusioned . U high or what ?? Have u seen the guy rap ? It is more like rape of a song.

  5. man I know his rap, he can rap anytime at anyplace man, If you meet him then u will know how talent is he. his first impression was bad that dance baby dance but other songs are real and true man, why u guys are jealous with him, and he is so famous man…… so stop hating him and he dont swear and he dont blame to anyone, even he respect to haters man. try to respect the real star bro cheers.

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