Malvika Subba on WEDDING BELLS

Looking quaint and giving us a Royal feel is Malvika Subba on the cover of Nepal’s only wedding magazine, WEDDING BELLS. You may remember the gorgeous Namrata Shrestha gracing the cover for the very first issue. Wedding Bells doesn’t come cheap as it’s got a swanky price tag of Nrs 200. Then again, with only two issues per year and marriage being such a key event in our lives, why not shell out to gather the best of ideas.

Hricha Thapa on her big day!

Helping Malvika look stunning on the cover is 19-year old Sakil Kunwar who assisted with the hair and make-up. Those that know the ins and outs of Nepali showbiz may have heard of this young guns name already as he has helped a host of beauties look their best for beauty pageants to their most special day. Shristi Shrestha, Zenisha Moktan, Anupama Aura Gurung and Hricha Thapa are only some of the famous names that Sakil has worked his magic on.

Having been trained for hair and make-up in New Delhi at the age of just 16 Sakil believes that he still has so much more to give in this field and in the days to come wishes to go beyond and do more in Nepal. I think this is what makes Sakil quite inspiring for me, at a time when most are set on building their future anywhere but Nepal, Sakil is firm in believing that his future is very much in Nepal and already working towards it.

So ladies and gents’ if you have a big day coming up’ marriage/photoshoots/etceteraa then you know who to get in touch with – Sakil Kunwar.

PS. Malvika Subba on WEDDING Bells hmmm… is our very independent Miss Subba trying to give us a hint? Will we hear wedding BELLS soon?

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  1. I love you and all Malvika ji …tara yo cover ma hajur ko face ali ali Pakistani Actress Vina Malik ko jasto dekhe ko cha ….aru sab babbal

  2. Hmmm…her expression is a bit dead…blank eye expression. Could have done much better for a cover shoot.

  3. i think most brides would feel dead getting married in a conservative nepali society lol….but then we cannot judge the book by its cover, lets wait for the feature shoot inside too….

  4. Mero bicharma Nepali panaa jhalkeiyena..totally indianised…BTW is that a lehenga?? I don’t even see the pallu on the shoulder….WhY so much out of our culture?? Nepalese brides are not supposed to bare their body as the westerner…i think.

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