Himalaya Everest Watch by Kobold to Cost $16,500

British adventurer Sir Ralph Fiennes was at a press meet in Kathmandu on Tuesday to announce the limited edition of Himalaya Everest watches to be launched by Kobold watches. The watch doesn’t come cheap as it’s priced at $16,500 USD but if you are planning to buy it from the Nepali market then you’ll be lucky to get your hands on the exclusive 25 piece item for only $8,848 (the height of Everest in metres) or Nrs 4.5 Lakhs, that’s a discount rate for Nepal as the product will be Made in Nepal. A piece of rock collected from near the Everest summit has been incorporated in the special dial of the watch which will give it an edgy design and give you a chance to wear Everest on your wrist.

Any takers?? Imagine dropping your watch and smashing it… that’s a big Nrs 4.5 Lakhs worth of UH-OH down the drain… or $16,500! 

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  1. so sad to see these white people doing dirty business of selling Everest’s parts to those robbers aka fat cat corporate men. I hate to see Everest being used and sold. Wake up Nepalese people. Stop this transaction like you stopped Prachanda son from using public money to fund his Everest summit plan.

  2. I agree with MemeNot. Everest is a world treasure and should be left as is. We visit Greece often and when at the Acropolis you are watched like a hawk and cannot even pick up a speck of dust. People have lost their respect for natural wonders.

  3. true re taking from locals and reselling high… in this case the mitigating factor, however, is that the watches are made by two local Sherpas who were trained in the US two years by kobold in order that they have a career after their mountaineering days are over. so the watches are made in Nepal by locals.

  4. Before all of you start to criticize them for using Everest rock’s. You should know that two nepali people are making these watches and they are the people who came up with the idea of using the rock from Everest.

  5. These “watchmakers” have no respect for mother nature. What if somebody else wants a big chunk on his mantlepiece, others for his showcase and what not. What does having a rock from everest prove anyway? Will it give you the satisfaction of being there? Will it thrill you like the adventurer on the summit? My all votes against it.

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