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With only three months into 2012, the years looks very promising. Nepali cinema has already had two big blockbusters by the name of LOOT and Chapali Height. Both the movies worked for their own reasons, whilst one was for its power-packed performance and dialogues the other probably was more for the sex-starved viewers of Nepali cinema OR those that genuinely wanted to watch the movie. Hey, I’m not saying it’s bad. I haven’t seen it. Moving on.

CHADDKE is an upcoming Nepali film to be directed by Nigam Shrestha, the team have unveiled their working poster. The poster was picked after running an open movie poster competition on Facebook, the winner is none other than Ananda Maharjan. You may have seen or shared Ananda’s wonderful Nepali greetings/wallpapers and also used the font. Ananda will get an opportunity to design the final poster that will be used for the film. Chhadke which is believed to be a gangster cinema has a star-cast that includes Dayahang Rai, Saugat Malla, Namrata Shrestha, Madankrishna Shrestha, Haribansha Acharya, Arpan Thapa and launches Robin Tamang (of Robin and the new revolution.

Few reasons why it’s time you should totally immerse yourself in Nepali cinema! LOOT has not only won the hearts of thousands worldwide but also seems to have won the minds of investors as the movie has been partnered up with BAJAJ bikes. According to the distribution rights for the film was sold for Nrs 20 Lakhs to the USA organisers. Furthermore, the film apparently has brought over Nrs 30.5 Lakhs from Australia alone. Showing promising signs is another upcoming Nepali film VISA GIRL which is being produced by Chaudhary Group Entertainment. The movie not only uses designer Tenzin Tseten Bhutia but have also partnered up with Ruslan Vodka and Chevrolet. 

Seems like this is the time to invest in Nepali cinema. What say? What are the upcoming films that you wanna watch?

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  1. Lex FYI…Sushma Karki is currently dating Anuprastha’s lead man ! You can spot her getting cozy with the man during the bands gig during the weekends in reggae bar and other bars in thamel. The lead men ditched his long time foreigner girlfriend for sushma.. here is a scoop for u

  2. i reaaallly want to know who played Kalim (they guy that drove the ambulance with drugs and later the dirt bike with namrata…and was alongside her) can’t find his name listed in the cast …unfair much?

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