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Update your Facebook status and vaccinate a street dog! From now to June 15, help KAT Centre reach their goal of vaccinating 300 street dogs in Kathmandu! 

● On your Facebook page, make your profile picture a photo of yourself feeding a street dog or cat. OR put a link to the KAT Centre (www.KATCentre.org.np or www.facebook.com/KATCentre) on your Facebook page. Tag the KAT Centre.
● Email the link to your Facebook page to katinfo@katcentre.org.np.
● The KAT Centre will vaccinate a street dog for rabies.
1 update = 1 vaccinated dog!
We will only give one vaccine per person, so if you want to help more dogs, tell your friends! 
● Email the link to your Facebook page to katinfo@katcentre.org.np● The KAT Centre will vaccinate a street dog for rabies. 1 update = 1 vaccinated dog!We will only give one vaccine per person, so if you want to help more dogs, tell your friends! 

Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre, are trying their best to help end cruelty to animals but like all charities and organisations, they can only do so much… It has to start from you readers. With over 22,000 stray dogs in the city there has to be a reason why they are there. 

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Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. they sound good when we read their website or read about them in media.
    they are nowhere closer to what they say in reality .I had called them when a stray dog from my tole was sick seriously and unable to move .
    The lady in the phone answer was we will be there after two days when our staff are free . And they never bother to call back and they din even showed after two days .
    thats the reality of this so called KAT.

  2. in our country where we are struggling for human rights, every little thing they are doing for these animal is a commendable job .. i too called them once and they came week later but i can understand as our city is filled with stray dogs and we all know how they are treated so i can imagine the heavy work load…so lets try to be lil considerate and more grateful for people like them .
    i wish to volunteer there wen i go back home …good job guys ….. thank u on behalf of those helpless animal

  3. Lex: thanks so much for posting this! It’s terrific that you’re helping to raise awareness about the KAT Centre’s work for street dogs!

    KAT is a small NGO, everything they do depends on donations, and there are 20,000 street dogs in Kathmandu. KAT gets many rescue calls every day, sometimes the staff don’t have enough time to go help every animal right away. I honestly apologise if KAT’s staff kept you waiting. If that happens again, please call the KAT Centre again to remind them.

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