The HANGOVER – Nepali New Year Party

Herda herdai, April pani aigayo… this can only mean one thing. Another excuse to party, dance and drink with friends because our Nepali New Year is only days away! There’s only one party that eveyone’s talking about and that is THE HANGOVER on the 12th of April by We Fear Silence. The event which kicks off from 5PM at the Meconopsis has many things on offer. It will be the very first time that designer Tenzin Tseten Bhutia will unveil his own line under his own name. With a help of some familiar faces Tenzin’s designs will be fully on display to the selected invitees that are expected to grace the event.

The Hangover will officially celebrate the first year anniversary of We Fear Silence who have in the past organised over 20 different events from Holi celebrations, fashion shows to musical events. One of the biggest highlights of the night will be DJ BICKEY, a popular DJ in the UK coming all way for the event. We Fear Silence who managed to book the DJ are very enthusiastic about the link up and believe that this will be the perfect entry for DJ BICKEY into the party scene in Kathmandu. He will be joined by DJ RABBIT and DJ FINZOK.

Looking beyond the first anniversary event, We Fear Silence have plans of a possible bike stunt show and a pool party. The who’s who of Kathmandu seem to be raving about the big event. I too would be very excited and eager.

PS. Tattinai Parcha party which I co-hosted alongside Kreeti Shingtan Lama was also organised by We Fear Silence and the party was definitely a HIT. The few others I attended, wasn’t quite as Lexciting. OMG 0:15 – Check out Anupama Aura Gurung’s (Miss Nepal 1st Runner Up) accent. Truly one of a kind. Deffo confused my ears for a bit – I loves!

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