Shristi Shrestha in Miss Nepal 2012

Looks like Miss Nepal 2012 will indeed be an exciting one! 

Nepali model Shristi Shrestha who has graced several popular fashion shows and appeared in magazines in the UK is competing for the most coveted crown ‘Miss Nepal’ this year. The finale which takes place on May 6 will see the 5 feet 9 inch tall beauty competing alongside several other familiar faces from the modelling circuit. The gorgeous bombshell was seen last year in a British Indian Bhangra music video.

Photo: Darren Centofanti
VIDEO: Behind the scene during a photoshoot with Shristi and Eshan Kali.

Good luck to Shristi and all the girls. 

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Lex Limbu
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  1. its because of her body proportion
    can you notice her legs are short compared to her body? unlike them other models…

    she could be 5′ 10

  2. First Time i Actually Enjoy watching Nepali Model photoshoot ..she just has some thing different than other Nepali Models!

  3. To Anonymous 19 April 2012 00:34

    “Sex tape”?! That is so disgusting and disrespectful! How would you feel if someone made a similar comment about your mother, future daughter or sister?! Did your parents not teach you to respect women? Or are you so overcome with Western values you think a woman’s sexuality is something that should be objectified and given to you for your dirty perverted viewing pleasure?!

    Just because she’s a model and she’s pretty doesn’t entitle you to jack shit. People like you is why the world has such fucked up values. Learn to respect women, whether they are pretty or not, a doctor or a fashion model, your sister or a fellow person on the street.

    If you don’t.. God help your future wife/children.

  4. why is she participating??? she’s already famous man give others a chance to actually do something… cuz she’s a model she could go worldwide with he gorgeous face , body and height … :/

  5. I think our future miss Nepal should at least live in the country that she’ll be representing. Shristi lives in UK for a long time now… How much does she knows about Nepal? on social level? on political level? She got the looks yeh, but I doubt she got the brain. She’s already famous for being a ‘model’ and she should stick with that. What kind of improvement will she bring to nepal? a bunch of ‘sexy’ bikini photo’s for guys to drool on? I think she doesn’t have the intelligence nor the elegance to be our next Miss Nepal. She just wants fame and attention

  6. Before judging her abilities, Let’s support her, wait and see what she can bring. I definitely agree she’s more different and let’s hope she can Prove the negative thinkers wrong!

  7. she certainly looks good, and i really believe she has the potential to be miss Nepal, more than anyone, People shouldn’t judge to quickly and give filthy comments like someone up here.
    I’ve been told she’s is a patriotic person and really goes for Nepal.
    Let us support her…..

  8. As soon as someone starts doing well for his/herself, Nepalese people HAVE to pull their legs? No wonder our nepal is still “developing” be it in fields of politics or media or whatever. Why don’t you try going castings all over Europe and get selected out of so many international models to shoot/ walk the ramp in all the different countries? After that, do some social works back in Nepal, give something back for instance to the under priviledged kids and elderly people too maybe? Shristi is the most humble and positive person I have had the chance to know. I wish you all the best Shristi and keep being yourself and ignore all these negative beings which I can’t promise will be the last ones. Be strong and radiant as you are. We are all with you.

  9. come on she got the face. wat do people want when they say miss nepal beauty gal. thats why people complain when malina was chosen then sugarika who were intelligent but u know wat i mean one was ok n other was not beauty like model luks. then some one beauty comes then there is argument of intelligence. anyways internationally they luk for face n body n height rather than who adopted child n feed them or did some social work its CALLED beauty pageant not some social work or intelligent pagent helllo people.

  10. ghwahaha yeh give us sum space yoww.. she doesnt live in Nepal.. ever heard of another Miss not living in her own country? y not go for miss america or miss india?? mahhahhaha suits her better raaaaaight

  11. People are just jealous of you. Don’t bother this is just a part of show bizz. we love you & will always support u. Girls like you will help develop our country 🙂
    Jai Nepal.

  12. i konw shrist u will definitely win the crown bcoz u deserve it… we will support u no matter whether u come from uk or where ever as u r a nepali dat counts da most and apart frm this i think so she can more boldly and confidently represent nepal at miss world because she is beautifull as well as intelligent no doubt

  13. i met her on ktm airport he was wid french or english boy i just had a little chat she is beautiful but i dont know more about her any way everybody should love nepal if u are nepali wherevever

  14. she is quite a looker and I guess her hight gives her that extra bonus point…but does she really have what it takes to win the crown is the real question. I think it was last year she joined miss England but didn’t succeed. which was a shame. I’m thinking its the way she speaks English and Nepali. I watched few of her videos from previous shows and event she attended as a host. I was very disappointed like this one and this So I just hope she works on her accent. x

  15. o.0 she has such an awkward accent -English as well as Nepali :-/ No offense but in those above videos she looked like a “brunette bimbo”. I’m sure the girl has some intelligence and not just physical beauty in her. Definitely needs to improve her public speaking skills!

  16. Far as I know… She got good height and body but not sure about the brain…anyway…point is…. To be somebody who represent our nation and it’s beauty to the rest of the World
    Has to be really smart one but not sleeping around for fun or for glass of wine with wrong people…sorry not trying to be rude but,…that is a f###ing fact, otherwise I even said she actually deserve to be Miss Nepal 2012

  17. she’s beautiful, no doubt. but hopefully she doesn’t win the title just cuz she’s a bit “wellknown” than the rest of the contestants. it would be a shame, for everyone else and herself! good luck though! :]

  18. Shristi is a true deservy to be Miss Nepal we hope and to represent our country to world. she has got the looks what exactly an international model should have. none of our Miss Nepals have been remarkable till now. if she comes out to be outstanding with her brain values she will be the one really remarkable till now.

  19. Congrats!! to shristi for her glorious victry to become Miss Nepal 2012. She looked gorgeous, beautifl, so talented….i think she deserves it.

  20. After all Shristi Shrestha. The tremendously beautiful and truely talented. The true deservy 🙂

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