Joanna Lumley Completes Nepal Visit

Joanna Lumley arriving for the first time in Nepal, 2009

Actress and Gurkha activist Joanna Lumley was in Nepal this week for a few days to open a school built under the supervision of the Gurkha Welfare Trust in the hills of Tiplyang, Myagdi in Western Nepal. Before leaving Nepal on Thursday, the Absolutely Fabulous actress also made time to attend the Queen’s birthday party held at the British Embassy in honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s 86th birthday. 

After the victorious Gurkha Justice campaign win, this is Joanna’s second visit to the Gurkha nation. However, she has come under a lot of criticism for helping the movement from many people as they believe increasing number of Gurkhas arriving in the UK have left several communities dry of funds. A mass peace rally is expected to take place next week on the 24th April in London where the Gurkhas once again will press for equal pension.

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  1. Gurkhas are not responsible for drying of the communities funds as you put it. This is the handiwork of David Cameron and his crony who are squeezing poor everywhere in the U.K by cutting benefits and trying to privatize N.H.S and other public sector and filling their own pocket.

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