Malvika Subba Marries Riyaz Shrestha

Former Miss Nepal Malvika Subba has finally tied the knot with boyfriend Riyaz Shrestha at her home in Golfutar, Kathmandu on the 25th April. Malvika who currently manages House of Alternative Apparel expressed how “her happiness has no boundaries” on her Facebook page to over 85,000 fans. Whilst hundreds of us send the best wishes for the couple, I am sure there are guys out there crying in litres upon hearing news of this outspoken beauty queens momentous occasion. I say this because Malvika recently topped the list on the Most Attractive Female on the survey by Saptahik Weekly. That’s saying something, Riyaz is a lucky guy! 

He now has the ginormous duty of going the extra mile in protecting his wife from eager eyes. Wishing the newlywed the best for the days ahead. Malvika first came to my radar through watching her on a daily basis on Call Kantipur, she was always fascinating. Especially observing her expressions, body language and the things that she’d say. She’s unpredictable and there aren’t many like her. On that note’ let the festivities begin for the couple.

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  1. She is too mature dude. I won’t cry over her. But I am happy for her anyway. She showed all Nepalese girls being patience is the key to success and happiness. Unlike some celebrities who have hidden relation within hidden relation it just not right. Well I wish her every happiness in life. Good luck.

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