Mini Golf Course in Kathmandu

Don’t you just love Kathmandu? Burgeoning with activities available for all.

Adding on to that list is the new mini golf course at Sundhara’s Civil Mall that occupies 21,000 sq. ft, it is also one of the largest shopping malls in Nepal. According to a recent report by Nepal’s English daily Republica, this latest installment by PG & G Company and Civil Mall is targeted at professionals and shoppers with a knack for golfing. The activity can be enjoyed by up to 80 players at once. Now if you’re thinking one cannot possibly think about engaging in such an activity indoors, where it will undoubtedly be hot and humid then worry no more as the indoor course is fully equipped with air condition. I wouldn’t mind being locked up inside one of these malls man, pure luxury.

18 Hole Mini Golf Course – Nrs 1000 Per Person
Putting – Nrs 300/400 Per Game

I’m sure my dad would love this place! Beats going all the way to Gokarna and would help take his mind off ‘complaining’ about waiting whilst we shop. 

PS. Apart from shopping there’s a very well equipped food court, QFX cinemas, games arcade and a more affordable ‘Market Style’ floor at Civil Mall. It was certainly my new favourite!

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  1. OMG this sooo hotttttttt. i mean its like totallly worth it. i am sooo ganna like do it right there u know wat i mean. i mean its sooo fetch n major major improvement. i am sooooo u know ummmm like u knoe like something. soo great work guys xoxoxoxox

  2. We’re going to visit Kathmandu nest month and I’m certainly going to take my golf club with me so we could play here. I love playing golf and this mini golf course looks pretty exciting.

  3. Well, if you can’t visit a golf course on the wild, you should definitely try this mini golf course. It should help you with your golf putting training or practices, but I am not sure if it is up for wild and full-power swings. Anyhow, it should offer anyone loving golf fun.

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