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Though it only feels like 13th February yesterday, the date of the first T-FEST gig but would you believe it that it completed it’s third and final gig at Maidstone on the 17th March. Now the only thing remaining is for things to get even more competitive! Whilst there might be 13 contestants competing for the winning title and Best Self-Composed song, unfortunately only 6 ACTS with the highest votes will able to proceed on towards the finals set to take place on 22ND JUNE in London. Voting is open till Friday midnight so pick your TOP 6 for the finals wisely and your favourite artist for their self-composed track! 

To Vote – Click Here

Attend the T-FEST finals on the 22ND June from 5.45PM-9PM at the Proud 2 in o2, London! Apart from the final six acts singing their hearts out for the titles there will also be live performances by various Nepali musicians from the UK. The finals of T-FEST will also mark the first ever Nepalese Excellence Award.

Nepalese Excellence Award: NEA aim will be to help promote the effort and creativity shown by the new generation as well as well as respect the values and benchmark set by our elders. We also aim to help boom the Nepalese Business and Entrepreneurs in UK by rewarding their for their service and hardwork through out the year and years to come. The nomination will be based on all the activity that occured in the year  2011.

Ahh! So we can brace ourselves up for an award show aye! Sounds fascinating! I wonder whether there’ll be dance breaks and hosts that are a bit too keen on making people laugh. I’m only messing. I look forward to seeing those from our growing Nepalese community being recognised for their contribution, efforts and so on. The more Lexciting thing is the categories are below! Eeek! I can already think of few names [controll Lexxx CONTROLL].

NEA Award Categories:
1.Best Event Of the Year

2. Best Media Website of the Year

3. Best Music Video Of the Year

4. Best NepHop Artist of the Year

5. Best Dance Crew of the Year

6. Popular Photography of the Year

7. Best Restaurant of the Year

8. Favorite Event Organizer Team of the Year

9. Beauty Model Of the Year

10. Young Achievement Award 2012

11. Favorite Choice DJ award 2012

12. Best Football team of the Year.

13  Best Basketball team of the Year.

14. Best Actor of the Year

15. Best Actress of the Year 

 PS. Shareee your thoughts, honest talks here but best actor and actress? Are we talking Nepali cinema here or youtube videos? There’s only a handful. I can see this turning ugly already, and it hasnt even started. Let’s stay optimistic!

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Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. These ‘Anonymous’ people leaving comments below are sad and have no life. Write something that makes sense and is true please and if you think this is useless then don’t waste ur time coming on this blog.

  2. Sounds interesting to me.. and I guess Nepalese Excellence Award will bring something new in the Nepalese community(uk)
    so for T-Fest as well… i vote for mr.dipesh lama, his voice is beautifull
    Best Wishes to all the organizer and 6 finalist !!

  3. …do some beneficial work for your country not like this non sense shit work…..waste of time..

  4. Best Event Of the Year should be Best Dance Party Of the Year
    If you really want to honour for the Best Event, then look for some Nepali cultural/charity event like Nepali Mela, Lhosar Celebration, Newar Mha Puja etc

    Best Event Organiser of the year should be Best Dance Party Organiser of the Year
    If you really want to honour for the Best Event Organiser then look for some Nepali cultural/charity event organiser like Nepali Mela organiser, Nepali Charity event organiser etc

    Best Media Website of the Year should be Best Dance Party Photo Collection Website of the Year

    Young Achievement of the year
    There are handful of Nepali young boys/girls who has achieved much more and deserve this rather than a bloggers, video makers or beauties. Check here

    Best Music Video Of the Year should be Best Homemade YouTube published Video of the Year

    Best Dance Crew of the Year
    And if you really want to honour for the Best Dance Crew of the Year then look for some Nepali cultural dance group. Check here

    Best Photography of the Year
    You cannot honour this to someone who has DSLR and go through each Dance Party or Event taking a photo on Auto Mode.

    Best Actor/Actress of the year should be Best Actor/Actress in YouTube of the year

  5. <<< gadbad...gadbad >>>
    when i checked abv site yesterday, lexlimbu.com was 53%, today at this time, it’s 5.7%? Can you trust the voting? who is fiddling it with?

    Best Media website of the Year

    NepaleseTalent.com – 0.2%
    Havamoment.com – 91.3%
    Lexlimbu.com – 5.7%
    United Nepalese .co.uk – 0.9%
    UnityNepal.com – 0%

    Total votes: 1290

    Oh!! I was going to complain to
    nepalisamajuk.com why was it necessary for them to participate in such a low profile event?

    I am glad they are not there now.
    welldone my fav site nepalisamajuk.com

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