Fair Academy UK – Job Scam?

After few of you guys shared this recent news, I felt the need to share it out to the bigger mass before more people unknowingly end up losing money. From what I’ve come to know, there is a job advertisement going around in Nepal, apparently as seen on MeroJobs.com and The Kathmandu Post, of Fair Academy & Fair Airways UK which claim to offer training for cabin crews and general airline/airport work for an upcoming airline called Fair Airways UK which is to start operations later this year. Many have said this is a scam for many reasons whilst some are strongly defending the company by saying it is a genuine company.

One user on the website cabincrew.com gives their reasons on why they believe that this is a scam, this users comments have been agreed by many:

1.Not registered in the IATA (International Air Transport Association)
2.Companies don’t contact a huge no. of candidates through mobile numbers.
3.Says their corporate office is in uk and the contact no. is a mobile number again……
4.No company interviews a candidate with one question and then selects them for a GBP.24000 per year job offer for freshers. UK is facing a recession right now…and getting that amount of salary would only be in your “LALA land” 
5.Their website is “www.fairairways.com” which is very dodgy indeed and has only one page with no links and no other information… the model on the right side of the page is from British Airways,,,,even the pictures in thewww.fairacademy.co.uk is from Brirish airways”
6.Anybody can create a paypal account and lure people to pay money in it. Airline and other big companies never use paypal, they provide their Bank details and address instead…
7.asking money beforehand and promising to release more information after payment is not an ethical business practice …. Please consider on this matter wisely…
8.They don’t have any offices or any other personnel representative in any other country…
9.It would be impossible for a new airline to serve on 36 destinations at first…imagine how many air crafts would they need??? just impossible….
10.This is a part of a well planned professional scam …. i must say they are really good in this(whoever they are) … imagine fooling 500 people from one country and asking them to transfer “£75 + £250” ..how much do they get??? £162500 already….wow now that’s a huge profit…….
11. All applicants get selected so easily…..gets the same interview questions….how more obvious can it get ???

If you follow on the link here to the FORUM then you will see that this, what looks like a global job scam, is being discussed by people from Bangladesh, Philippines, India and Nepal. Some have been selected without having gone through an interview process. Absurd.

If you are looking for a job and were thinking of applying to Fair Academy then I would think twice before I take an action in their favor. You don’t want to end up losing money on the quest of making money. And lastly, please circulate this message to all, be cautious. Many know that people are very much desperate for jobs, in the developing world as well as the developed, so be careful when you see such advertisements or when people offer you jobs. 

Better be safe then sorry.

PS. If you have been affected by this, positively or negatively then please do leave a comment below.
#PS. The website totally looks so unprofessional.

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  1. wht da hell this is true ..ive planed 2 go india for trening thank u so much lex..its an really big scam

  2. Social awareness-good job Lex. This reminds me of A US visa scam in 2004 By an African dude. Basically, he guaranteed a 5 year working visa for anybody for 10 lacs. The victim needn’t even pay beforehand. He simply took the victim’s passport, went Alone into the embassy compound, While keeping his victim waiting, Got a fake visa into it, handed over the passport-the victim never having seen a genuine visa handed 10 lacs. Words spread around, he got 17 more victims by the time the first one was returned by the immigration from airport. By the time mamas nicked him, he had wired all the money to Africa with no chance of return. The victim was outside hanuman dhoka in flip flops wailing uncontrollably for having sold his land for the fake visa. Then, I would have happily petitioned for capital punishment.

  3. Many people are still confused, about fair airways or fair academy genuine/ scam. First be cool and think before you get fooled by scummers , what fair academy/ airways doing and offering is possible in the period of recession.
    1.www.fairairways.com doesn’t have any information about fleet size (no. Of aircraft and type of aircraft) they have booked for operation which is base of airways.
    2. It is using other airways photograph in website and doesn’t have any projected plan about operation and services, and just focused on 0N JOB Training program which is secondary aspect of airways. 3. Does any genuine and professional airways select employee with out interview and offer yearly salary of £2400.00?
    4. Check the website of establish airways for evaluation ( british airways, emirates airways, qatar airways etc.)
    Get safe from these scammer.
    Thanks lex for social awareness and awakenes.

  4. Hey lex!
    Thanks for the information.
    I am interning one of the airlines company in Nepal. And this post was really interesting for me. Thanks for the updates.

  5. hey thanks man for the information, this it mean a lot to nepali people who generally plan to go abroad for study but not i think the foreiners should be here to learn it,..

  6. Hah. Just google map street viewed their corporate office address. And ITS A RESIDENTIAL AREA! wtf.

  7. Thanks lex,

    I hope all nepalese should be aware of what they are doing. Even though the company is not fake you guys still have to do some research about the job, adverts, company intentions etc etc.. Dont fall in these traps…
    Don’t use the short cuts—hard work always pays you off someday sometime..

    Always a proud nepali..

  8. My spouse and I stumbled over here coming from a different web page and thought I might check
    things out. I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to looking at your web page yet again.

  9. I want to be a cabin crew of Fair airways.So I have completed a cabin crew course.Would you help me?Although ,I applied 2012.I got your application form.But I could not answer in just time for my illness.

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