KTM GRIME by Yama Buddha

Yama Buddha is back with KTM GRIME, check it out here! The visual is splendid! Though it only hit youtube yesterday, hundreds are already loving this new offering by the singer of SAATHI. Directed by Ian Clement. The name certainly rings a bell. This is the first time I’ve seen an artist from Nepal try out grime music, like the attempt. I don’t want to label Yama Buddha as a NepHop musician, singer etc, I cannot quite put a label on him but the message that he’s projecting through his music and his persona is just so much more than what his contemporaries are capable of. I admire him for that. Huge talent, he needs to explode in a bigger scale!

Yama Buddha with Junu Gurung during the filming of KTM GRIME

What do you think of KTM Grime?

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  1. YB’s last song “SATHI” wasn’t actually copied 🙂
    The beat was on lease and he purchased the lease by paying a certain amount of money. The lyrics and flow were all his and he is who put life into that beat and made it an amazing song. Artists usually lease beats and make it their own song by putting lyrics in it. A beat can be leased by a hundred rappers and they can make hundreds of songs and yet it still can’t be labeled as “COPIED” since they paid for the beat.
    I just want this to be known by everyone and not to make any accusations without complete information.
    Peace out people. Keep loving Yamabuddha and his music.
    P.S. The camera work was done by JUNU GURUNG. Show some support and like her page on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/junumoon
    Subscribe to her YouTube channel for more videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/clickabootv?ob=0

  2. OMG i want to have his babies. i am sooo h—y. he is hot like a duck. n i guess his thing is 2.
    so call me maybe, heres my number, so lets make babies. xoxo

  3. even if he rightfully bought the music.it still is going to be a copy. It isn’t his true work. FYI get out of your twilight world.

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