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London based Nepali bridal-wear designer Sanyukta Shrestha has started updating her blog more regularly! The updates can be found on her website, apart from sharing photos of recent events and her line you can also read thoughts and feelings expressed by the designer. Her recent visit to Nepal saw her spending time with women who will be involved in the production of her 2013 bridal collection. Before Sanyukta started her journey as a bridal wear designer in the UK, she dressed several popular faces in Nepal including Jharana Bajracharya.

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Having just returned from a visit to Nepal, I have had the privilege of rediscovering my beautiful country and becoming involved in the material making process for our 2013 bridal collection. It was amazing to spend time personally getting to know these women, sharing their problems, and meeting their families to have a greater understanding of their lives.  

It was this vision of Tulsi Mehar that lead to this residential ashram I visited which is dedicated to women who are homeless, lack opportunities, or come from remote villages with few prospects. At the centre these women are provided with a place to live, schooling for their children, and a hospital for well-being; as well as the workshops in which they are trained in order to gain the looming skill. 

As I discovered the work involved in creating the materials is complex and prolonged with ten careful metres of fabric being produced per day, per person. However, the experience and training is invaluable as the women leave gifted in a skilled job. The work of these women is so inspiring; it is very gratifying to be able to capture the beauty of their work in my collection…. 

Very thrilled to share these moments to all of you. ..xoxo Sanyukta 

PS. Did you know that the blue dress worn by Malvika Subba when she won Miss Nepal was designed by Sanyukta Shrestha?

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