World’s Shortest Man Dangi Receives Heroic Welcome

Now this is what you call a heroic welcome! Even some international celebs lack this kinda treatment. Serious.

72 Year old Chandra Bahadur Dangi, the world’s shortest man arrived in Sydney, Australia on 13th May. Fitzy and Wippa from Nova FM led a 100-strong fans and those with DANGI FEVER to welcome the world’s shortest man in Sydney, his very first trip down under. The team from Nova FM are pure marketing genius, from covering songs and putting ‘DANGI’ in it to I’VE GOT DANGI FEVER t-shirts, balloons and rulers!! This is seriously some next level shizz! I love their way of promoting him and his arrival. Look at how pleased people look when they see him. It’s quite amusing but it’s very nice; gives you a warm feeling that people aren’t looking at him with a view that there is something wrong with him but they are embracing him. And that I believe is something we should practice more, to embrace our differences.

Great job to the Nova FM team and Fitzy and Wippa!
VIDEO of his arrival – Click here!

PS. I think I’m gonna get myself a ”IVE GOT DANGI FEVER” t-shirt. I guess it’s IN at the moment.
#PS. You have to watch the video of his arrival! Loveeeely!


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