Photo Of The Year – Narendra Shrestha

Congratulations to Narendra Shrestha, photojournalist from Kantipur National Daily for bagging the most coveted award ‘Photo of the Year’ at the Mega Bank Photo Competition 2068 that was held at the Art Council on 11th May, 2012. The photo that Mr Shrestha captured is very powerful… I believe the child might belong to the same family who were seeking treatment recently in Kathmandu. Hope it went well.
There were several other winners and their names and respective categories have been listed below:

Award winners, sponsors, judges and organisers

Daily Life
1st – Laxmi Prasad Ngakhusi
2nd – Bipin Raj Tiwari
3rd – Khashing Chandra Rai

1st – Narendra Shrestha
2nd – Rakesh Prasad Chaudhary
3rd – Sailendra Kharel

Nature and Wildlife
1st – Yatra Thulung
2nd – Navesh Chitrakar
3rd – Prakash Timilsena

1st – Narendra Shrestha
2nd – Shashish Maharjan
3rd – Ravi Sayami (Manandhar)

Photo Story
1st – Narendra Mainali
2nd – Uma Bista
3rd – Narendra Shrestha
Honorable Mention – Kishor K Sharma

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