Nepalese Men Attacked Fans in Aldershot

Here’s an article that I just read. Do have a read, just a little glimpse on the what happened between some Nepali men and other, I believe English people. Hmm. 
Here’s the original link of the article – click here.

“By Stephanie Cockroft May 09, 2012
A FIVE-MAN gang who threw missiles at innocent fans on the night of one of Aldershot’s most historic football games have been told they disgraced the Nepalese community.

The young Nepali men were in the dock on Thursday last week (May 3) after admitting launching the unprovoked attack during Aldershot Town FC’s high profile match against Manchester United last October.
The drunk defendants even threw two missiles at the innocent group during the “thoroughly disturbing” incident outside Yates’s wine bar in Victoria Road, the court was told.

During the sentencing hearing at Aldershot Magistrates’ Court, District Judge Philip Gillibrand told the defendants their behaviour had “badly damaged” the reputation of the Nepalese community.
But the judge stopped short of jailing the gang, adding that the defendants might have “sour feelings” from being provoked on other occasions by indigenous British “idiots”.

He also told the defendants they had a duty to show everyone what a fantastic contribution the Nepalese community was making to this country.
All the defendants had pleaded guilty at a previous hearing to using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour to cause fear or provoke unlawful violence.”

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  1. Boys and girls, don’t ask for more than you can get. This is foreign soil, grow up and aid your future.

  2. i really don’t see why the author tried to relate this event to Nepali in general.A bunch of idiots mischief during a foot ball match(drenched in testosterone fueled emotion) and its a national disgrace? how dare he. I see a lot of youths mocking about(some times harassing other bystanders ) after a night out , not to mention chavs,pikies . I am not defending those idiots who pulled off such threw missiles but insulting a nationality is not ok.

  3. ^^^she.
    Forgive my grammar/ English.
    Typing via phone and revision for finals has taken its toll.

  4. lets not forget where we come from and what legacy we bring with us… we nepalese people are known in this country for better reasons.. for the things our fathers and grandfathers did.. atleast lets not ruin it if we cant glorify it more..

  5. This is seriously a very disheartening news here. I hope these nepalese men are punished to extreme!Though, i am nepalese,its really sad to know i can’t support them all the times.i am on my 17s. Its a shame how now a days we get these bunch of nepalese chavs.we are gurkhas daughters and son. We are supposed to reflect on their great deeds by doing such things. We can have better future guys and girls, Take your chance!This news sure let our country down.Shame on these nepalese men.

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