Westar Apartments – On Sale

If you fancy living high and with grand views of Kathmandu then you will be delighted to know that Westar Apartments have started taking bookings for their Tower II. The prices of the apartments start from Rs 6 Million and goes up to Rs 15 Million. Living in Westar Properties mean that you can enjoy amazing facilities such as private ampitheatre, yoga garden, swimming pool and even your own grocers! [and many more]

Apparently the company has attractive offers for those who book ahead! One hears of a car being given away on the lucky draw. Wahh! 

PS. Below is a photo of a current apartment block under construction in Kathmandu. Just sharing to show that these buildings are actually being built. 

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  1. Just stupid when the people in other parts r away from many basic needs they don´t have roads deprived from the rest of the world, enough homes and schools and those business man investing so much on this kind of crap that cost so much !

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