Gurkha Cup 2012 – What’s Happening?

Photo from Gurkha Cup 2011

Probably one of the biggest events for Nepalis living in the UK – Gurkha Cup will be taking place at the same old football pitch in Aldershot this Sunday 3RD JUNE. Every year over thousands (once over 15,000) attend the popular football tournament which sees many veterans and non-veteran teams competing for the coveted Gurkha Cup trophy! The event is also popular thanks to it’s power to bring together thousands from all over the UK, this means that it’s a perfect spot for youngsters to meet their old friends and make new friends. Since the past few years Gurkha Cup has seen a huge growth in the wide variety of stall displays from food, employment, handicrafts to charities; you’ll be spoiled for choices.

This year is obviously more bigger and hopefully will be better as there will be many things for people to look forward to aside from aimlessly walking around the field and bumping into people that you may not necessarily want to extend a Hello to. Here’ a list of few things that you’ll see at Gurkha Cup. Remember to take cash. 

Head over to the MUKTI stall if you’ve always appreciated the work of Anuradha Koirala. The stall which will be led by a group of friends will be providing the ladies with nail painting, face painting, henna, make-up by Chhimmi Dholkar Gurung and custom-designed eco-friendly tote bags. 
The best thing is, all the money you pay will go towards Maiti Nepal.
CHATPATE by Tamu Youth Team
Tamu Youth Team will be selling mouthwatering chatpate, pani-puri, samosa chat, lassi, Made in Nepal t-shirts and many more. The youth group will also be collecting unwanted clothes to send to the less fortunate in Nepal.
Cupcakes & Fashion
If you have a sweet tooth then head over to Cupcakes & Fashion for cupcakes that come in four different flavours: Oreos, Belgian Chocolate, Vanillla, Lemon and Red Velvet. It’ll only set you back £1.50!!
Girls, do visit the stall to check out clothes and jewellery. Both are very affordable and the clothes will be from the label Maya Rose and Gossipi. Dresses, bags and summer tops are  few items you can scour at the stall.
Live For Change
They have a special request and that is for everyone attending to consider wearing white, as a concerned group they want to spread the symbol of unity at the popular event. Many fun activities will be available including basketball hoops challenge, Gladiator challenge, Snailympics, Busking, custom t-shirts for sale and not to forget your fuel for the tummy. Cookies, cupcakes and Nepali style cucumber with khursani will be available to cool you down.
                          ENJOY. BE RESPONSIBLE. HAVE FUN. DON’T FIGHT. PEACE.

PS. If you’ve heard about and want to know more about the upcoming screenings of APABAD in the UK then head over to the Live For Change stall.

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