Tenzin Dolma SIZZLES on WAVE!

Introducing TENZIN DOLMA! She’s on the JUNE issue of WAVE magazine and is she sizzling hot or what? Tenzin is not just a pretty face but smart, articulate and she definitely embodies the ‘beauty with brains’ tag! She’s currently a student of Environmental Biology at Colombia University, New York. The first (top) photo which has been used for the cover of WAVE looks fresh, youthful and definitely WAVE!

PS. I love how WAVE has made a huge comeback since the past several issues! Their articles have always been great and now the mag is totally stepping up with the photos and models too!!!

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  1. As far as I know, she uses both the names. I am sure WAVE isnt that careless when it comes to getting their facts right 🙂

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