My Dream

My dream is to see my beautiful Nepal free from pain.
To be judged on my actions and not my last name.
No more fighting with our brothers, we share a drink instead.
Stand up be proud salute our colours blue white and red.
My dream is to see Nepal free from greed and corruption. 
See money spent on school and hospital and not their own functions.
Government put your ego aside, thinks about Nepal first.
Instead of squeezing the life out of it, to get drops of money in the purse.
My dream is for my people to say “what’s in a name”.
A rose by any other name will still smell the same.
Be proud of success, realise how hard it took.
Maybe one day we read about the cast system in our history books.
Civil war would be ended no more lives to be deceased.
Lord Buddha was born in Nepal so let share the message of peace.
No more abused children, education will see them through.
So at night when I close my eyes I pray, I hope my dream come true. 

Umesh KC also known as MR KC.

The entries for the Share Your Dream contest are up and away! The dreams were published on the official lexlimbu page yesterday morning and we’ve already received a very positive response with many people sharing and liking their favourite dreams. And hey, all dreamers are winners already. The two dreams shared above are non-contest entries; one is from the very popular NepHop artist Mr KC whilst the other is from Dristi Gurung all the way from Hong Kong. 

The dream with the most LIKES will win 500 momos from Nepalese Tandoori, 2 passes for APABAD, an HD BluRay DVD player from me and £25 gift voucher from Bhat-Bhateni online! So yeah there’s something for you and for your loved ones back home! 
Each dream is unique! From dancing with Shah Rukh Khan, building an orphanage to excelling as an scientist… even I am inspired by reading the entries. All the LIKES will be counted tomorrow at 6PM (GMT) and the dream with the most LIKES will be announced at 7PM tomorrow. Click HERE to see the dreams.

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  1. WOW, u r soo talented, i love reading ur blogs and again this was absolutely amazing, well done

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