Seeing Priyanka Chopra – LEXCITING DAY!

Being a devoted fan and follower of Hindi film actress Priyanka Chopra, I knew I had to attend the London premiere of her and Shahid Kapoor starrer Teri Meri Kahaani in Feltham’s Cineworld. After waiting for a friend, I finally arrived at the venue around 5.30pm. Tickets weren’t required for the premiere. Luckily, I had bought three tickets to see the film a day before. What a day it was set to be, I get to see the stars and also watch their movie! Obviously, things didn’t go thaaat smoothly. After waiting for what felt like hours, the stars finally arrived just before 9pm. Screams from men and women confirmed that the two Bollywood stars were approaching the entrance, not to forget the loud dhol baja. Once they entered the indoor premises all hell broke loose! I was hoping to personally exchange smiles with Priyanka, however that hope vanished in a millisecond as media personnel, VIP guests and us – the crowd, just lunged towards the actors and what followed after was just a blur. Amidst all the screaming, shouting and pushing I could see Priyankas angelic face smiling as she slowly moved towards the cinema screens. Next to her was Shahid Kapoor who was looking very suave and handsome. After all that happened, we rushed to get into the screen for Teri Meri Kahaani (sold out) only to be disappointed by another hour long wait. After challenging my brain with why the movie could possibly be delayed, my friend and I moved ourselves to the second row from front.

I had a OMG moment when the director, Kunal Kohli appeared to announce that Priyanka and Shahid will be coming to our very screen. I could see 90% of the people running down the screen in what looked like a human tsunami wave. The stars came minus all the media people. Shahid Kapoor spent few minutes thanking the audience and sharing few dialogues from the film whilst Priyanka Chopra was surprised by a little fan-girl who went to give her a kiss (so jealous -.-). PC also thanked the fans and shared few words about the film.

That was it. And it was amazing! I paid a standard ticket price to watch the film and also saw PC and SK; best deal ever! 
PS. I liked the songs from the film and it was better than the trailer but yes, an average love story… Enjoyed nevertheless.
#PS. I first ‘saw’ Priyanka Chopra at a concert back in 2004 in Wembley! Hopefully next time will be a meet. First, need to learn few things from Parakram Rana (PC’s superFAN)

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