Miss UK Nepal Meets Miss Nepal

Here are two beauty queens meeting for the first time. Smiling alongside each other is Miss UK Nepal Gaumaya Gurung and former Miss Nepal Malina Joshi in Kathmandu. As you may know by now, Gaumaya is currently in Nepal for her Everest Expedition challenge which she completed recently. The Miss UK Nepal has been keeping herself busy by meeting various other prominent personalities and visiting several different organisations during her few-week long trip to Nepal. Gaumaya will return to the UK in the next few days.
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  1. We will appreciate if people go to nepal to do some changes or development to our country rather than just to go for a holiday..

  2. OMG she is sooo cheeeewtt i like her to bits n pieces n the amount of effort she is putting makes me so happy from inside, keep it up n forever hwotttieeee, u go gal xoxo

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