Two More APABAD Shows in England

After the successful screening of APABAD in London, we have decided to take the movie further and screen it within the Nepalese community in Doncaster on 18th August and inside the Blandform Army barracks on 4th August. The second screening in the UK will take place today in Folkestone where few hundred viewers are expected to watch the movie. The screening in Folkestone will take place at K College. Following closely is the third screening of Apabad in Aldershot on 20th July. If you are interested in screening Apabad somewhere near you then please do not hesitate in getting in contact to us by e-mailing or calling any of the numbers displayed on the poster material or event page. Ticket prices vary according to each screening. If you are coming in a group then ring away; we might work out a discount for you. 
Catch you soon.

With Vshakha Dewan – winner of Share Your Dream contest
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Lex Limbu
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