YOLO Tour – London Photos!

Ladies Man aye?
With Rapoholic and his model from the Student Life video
Oh shizz, someone got cut out. 
Oh Boy… hmm #YOLO?
Rwak On!
The Belles of Britain
Andrew Garcia taking the stage!
Fresh and Sober.
They know how to have fun AND pose!
Check out the signs. #swag
Mastermind and friend
Girls night out? Possibly.
Dumbfoundead killin’ it live
The YOLO Tour successfully came to an end on Friday 13th July at Proud2 in o2 London and boy was it some crazy night. Event Company 9Seven7 Movement who managed the tour had brought over youtube musicians Dumbfoundead and Andrew Garcia from USA. They musicians got a chance to warm up the crowd in Manchester and Birmingham before they made their way for the third and final gig in London. The night was great for several different reasons. For me, I saw many different non-party goers attending the event which is obviously a sign of success in itself and there were actually a lot of non-Nepali in attendance. That is awesome! 9Seven7 Movement in the past and current have definitely raised the bar with going to Oceana, organising a party in Proud2 for the very first time and now bringing and successfully managing popular names such as DFD and Andrew Garcia. Their latest announcement is that they plan to make a full-feature film based on a road-trip. I’d deffo watch that. Here are some photos from the night in London. You can access the full album by clicking the link on the bottom of the post.
PS. Just realised that I’ve actually blogged photos of all 9Seven7 Movement events in the past. You can check their photos out on the link below. 
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  1. OMG DFD in London!!He is one of the finest Korean American rapper!And i felt so good to know that this tour was organized by our own nepalese brothers!

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