BhatBhateni Opens in Pokhara

The Lake-city of Pokhara definitely received some monsoon action recently when retail giant BhatBhateni opened its door to the public for the very first time. Hundreds from and around Pokhara drove and dropped by BhatBhateni to see what the superstore had to offer on the day of its launch on 14th July 2012. The new and sixth store which is located in New Road follows similar layout and themes to the ones currently in operation in Kathmandu. The opening of this store has already created over 150 jobs and has the potential to create a maximum of over 300 jobs in its upcoming phase. 

Photo from FB Page – Click For More!
Photo from FB Page – Click For More!
Photo from FB Page – Click For More!

BhatBhateni is also the first commercial building complex to have a double-floor underground level in Pokhara. The lower level of the underground is currently being used for parking whilst the first level of the underground boasts of entertainment facilities such as snooker, bowling and more. Though this move away from the Kathmandu valley did come attached with risks and challenges, founder Min Bahadur Gurung shares that after the positive response received from the BhatBhateni store in Patan and Baudha the company took this as a sign of encouragement to expand further. It’s great to see businesses managed and run by Nepali individuals flourishing and going further away from the central core that is Kathmandu. The USA have Wal-Mart, the UK have Tesco and we have BhatBhateni!! 

PS. Where do you think their store in the East will be? Itahari, Biratnagar or Dharan? Hmm!

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