SAAYAD Screening in Harrow

Nepali film Saayad is back by popular demand! 
The film which was released in Nepal a couple of months ago has already been screened in Hounslow and Aldershot. Events De London presents Saayad in Harrows Safari Cinema on Saturday 11th August from 5PM onwards. This is the same cinema where the screening of Apabad took place. Samyam Puri, the face of Saayad has received an overwhelming feedback for his must-watch performance in Saayad. Not to forget, comedian Wilson Bikram Rai also steals the show in the second half as he provides constant entertainment. Tickets for the screening will only set you back £10 and the event has been sponsored by IME Ltd. 

As people brace their-selves to watch HIGHWAY in Nepal, we can be happy knowing that there are a selected few Nepali films doing the rounds in the UK as well. If you aren’t interested in Nepali films because you don’t know about it then a question I leave you with is, if you don’t give Nepali films a chance then how will you ever know about it?

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Get your tickets by calling Lok on 07838971339 or Deepen on 07588836374.

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Lex Limbu
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