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Oh how time flies! It feels like only yesterday that we saw model Shristi Shrestha being crowned Miss Nepal 2012 in Kathmandu. Who would have guessed that Shristi has already flown over to Ordos, China for the Miss World 2012 beauty pageant? Her winning the crown has given a sense of new-found hope for the enthusiastic pageant followers from Nepal and I’m sure fellow South Asian beauties are taking a notice as well. Though Shristi has been heavily criticized for her speech delivery people are still rooting for her to shine at Miss World, and you know what they say’ Miss World is all about the beauty factor! Well I wish Shristi all the best for Miss World finale which takes place on 18th August. 

Shristi’s Beauty with a Purpose Video.


PS. Please like this FB page here; currently being shared widely online! Apparently, if Miss Nepal gets the most likes and interactions then she will get the Miss Media title – OR something along the lines of that…

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UPDATE: 28/07/2012 Currently there’s an interview video of Shristi Shrestha that is doing the rounds online that has sparked an outcry of negative feedback on the way our current Miss Nepal 2012 handled the interview. Few things I’ll share is that the interview was taken long before she became Miss Nepal 2012. AND yes watching the video was a bit of an uncomfortable experience. With over 71,000 likes on her official Miss World – Nepal Facebook page, Shristi does have a huge public support behind her. What did you guys think of the interview???

Statement from SHRISTI SHRESTHA: To my pyaro Nepali daju, bhai, didi, bainiharu.. I have realized that my interview answers were hurtful but I assure you that my actions were truly unintentional. That was an old video(long before Miss Nepal).I used to get very nervous talking in front of the camera…However, I do feel that I am getting better in my communication 

skills and that could not have been possible if I had not received the love 
and support from all of you.”

UPDATE: 02/08/2012 Shristi has made it top the TOP 40 semi-finals for the beach-body category!! Good luck! 

UPDATE: Miss World 2012 grand finale on August 18! Not long left, Shristi’s Facebook page Miss World – Nepal currently has over 146,000 LIKES!!!

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  1. OMG she is sooooo hwatt!!!!! i know she can do it. she is like so guudd in wat she doooo. i wish all the luck for her n i wil be rooting her like totally u know. go gal shake that booty of yurs xoxo.

  2. Watched the speech she gave in Siraha – very poor. She’s not very articulate and doesn’t come across like she’s intelligent. Her English is extremely poor. She is outrageously stunning but she won’t be able to compete with the true beauties where having a brain is a beauty in itself.

  3. have no doubts on her beauty but as far as miss world is concerned with beauty and brains i wonder …… anyways best wishes and wld really love to see her as the first Nepalese Miss world….go shristy !!! brinG the Crown home 🙂

    p.s home= Nepal not UK 😀

  4. Yes, undoubtedly Shristi is drop dead gorgeous but we can’t ignore the fact that she is not as intellectual. Personally, I was never satisfied with the answer she gave in the final round of Miss Nepal, I actually could not sum up her sentences and make sense of what she was trying to say and yes her contestant profile video is just sad, she has such poor English and if I am not mistaken I think the selections for the final round have been made and it’s heartbreaking to see that her name is not included but I am still not sure and I hope I am proven wrong.

  5. i hope that she will bring the crown home. She has that quality to do it. i’m impressed by her spirit of work she shown just after crowned as miss Nepal. about her beauty there is no doubt that she is beautiful, but she should focus on her speech. anyways best wishes and love to see her as the first Nepalese Miss world….go shristy !!! brinG the Crown home

  6. The time has come we just be positive and support for our country no matter what she is still representing our country..Let’s stop complaining We never know..GOOD LUCK Shristi you can do this YES go go.GOD BLESS
    Jay Nepal:)
    -REUBEN (Philippines)

  7. I don’t see any problem with her English. It’s got Nepalese ascent and DAMN BE PROUD OF IT PEOPLE !! Good luck to Miss Nepal

  8. She is not perfect. She is not really articulate in this particular video. The interviewer seems like a major douche as well. She has won Miss Nepal. Like it or not, she actually has so much potential. She is actually better than other previous winners because of her actual experience in modelling et cetera. She has enough confidence that might be of so much benefit for her and Nepal. She might be nervous in this video according to the circumstances. But how this has blown out of proportion is typical of us Nepalis. Its a single interview where she pretty much messed up in some aspects and now we suddenly hate her and how she is unpatriotic and does not deserve to be Miss Nepal. We need to stop all this judgemental bullshit and support her if we want to support her and if we dont want to support her, stop inflicting damage on her name just because she “didnt want to go into details” about her parents.

  9. This is why us Nepalis are so backwards. We just judge irrationally and the comments under the video show that. Its amazing to show patriotism and devotion to ones country like we Nepalis do but its really pathetic how we become keyboard warriors, spewing filth on the internet about how she has apparently disgraced us.

  10. First off, she did not grow up in UK, she moved there when she was in her late teenage years, and throughout the interviews, she’s using the dividend rule with her answers, castism in Nepal about Nepali beauties, her background… she needs to realize that in the end she’s representing Nepal as a whole not just a single cast. All Nepalese are beautiful, that’s a simple answer. I am more disappointed with her being Miss Nepal and representing my country with her castism outlook.

  11. I agree, this video is from the past, why can’t us Nepalis just move on forward..STOP being so Negative and be supportive and encouraging for Our Miss Nepal who is going to represent Nepal believe it or not..and believe in her too. This is the time she needs us. Not a big issue, she simply didn’t want to go into details about family..who knows what has happened..gosh can we all stop being so Judgemental..this mentality is pathetic. GOOD LUCK SHRISTI U CAN DO IT! brush off the haters. u have love!

  12. Watever the controversy….all that matters in the end is whether she can win anything from the paegent. And by the likes of wat we hav seen and wat we have come to know…she is as dumb as a stick! But I still hope all those body hugging dresses and drag queenish makeup mite fool those superficial judges into givin her good points! Long live Nepal! 😉

  13. maybe shristi needs kings speech sorta specialist for her speech…btw she is so damn hawttt!!! woot woot!!

  14. Well beauty and personality is two different things. When it comes to her looks, I give her 10 out of 10, but she has yet to demonstrate how intelligence she is? Frankly, I can give only 1 out of 10 on this at this stage… time is running out and it’s worth focusing on what she is lack of…

    Sorry, truth is always bitter.

  15. screw you guys………. dumb as stick, 1 out of 10, king’s speech…….. who the hell are you guys to judge her.. she has already proved herself and how much she’s worth of….. and to all the english professors complaining her speech and saying poor english… come on people, i don’t think you guys can even speak that much in front of the camera……… and at last, whatever you guys think all that matters is that she has made Nepal’s presence felt at the Miss World pageant so be glad or…….. continue…. but like people have said,” let the dogs bark”….. i hope you guys understood……..

  16. When i was watching a miss nepal final round, I actually did not like the answer shristi has presented. May be she is lucky. If i were a judge, i would have selected other girl instead of shristi, yes she is preety but she is only perfect for model but can’t expect more than that. no one believes that she grew up in London. once she open her mouth, people will think that she grew up elsewhere. look at purnima gurung, her speech is so strong, she is so confident in any interview. but for shristi she needs to improve her vocabulary and daily conversation.

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