Soongava – Dance of the Orchids

Intimate moment shared by Diya Maskey and Nisha Adhikari
Saugat Malla and Nisha Adhikari
Friends turned Lovers
Saugat and Nisha
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2012 is so the year of experimental Nepali films!
Coming soon is SOONGAVA – Dance of the Orchids, the film which has been written and directed by Subarna Thapa was titled Snow Flowers previously. It stars Diya Maskey, Nisha Adhikari, Saugat Malla, Basundhara Bhushal and more. The unconventional love story follows the story of two lesbian lovers and showcases their various challenges faced from the people and within the society. I’m sure the aspect of homosexuality is sure to make this film the talk of Kathmandu when it releases around Dashain later this year. Let’s hope it’s not only the critics that appreciate the film but also the mass. At the end of the day, the support from the mass counts the most I believe. You’ might be surprised to know that SOONGAVA will premiere at the Montreal Film Festival [Festival Des Films Du Monde] late next month and after that the movie will travel to Hamburg FilmFest for a late September screening. The film also had a screening at the Cannes Filmy Bazaar according to director Subarna Thapa.

Well, there definitely must be something good for the film to have travelled from France, Canada to Germany! Eagerly waiting!

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