Olympic Team Nepal 2012

Nepali Olympic 2012 Team
Journalist Nabin Pokharel and Chef-de-Mission Ganga Bahadur Thapa
Athlete: Pramila Rijal with coach Tika Prasai
Our players: Sneh Rana, Prasidhha Jung Shah (middle), Shreya Dhital

Today is the official opening ceremony of London Olympics 2012 and what a countdown we’ve had here! The UK has been gripped with the Torch Relay fever and quite few Nepali people also got the opportunity to run with the torch or atleast hold it. The most popular story being of 18 year old Suman Gurung who ran the relay in Sheffield. Our official Nepal team arrived few days ago and are now comfortably based in the Olympic Village in Stratford. Did you know that Nepal made its Olympic debut back in 1964 and since then have made 11 appearances so far. Our competitors excel in taekwondo, judo and swimming. Strangely we do not have any one competing in taekwondo this year. Our youngest competitor is 17 year old Shreya Dhital who will be swimming womens 100m freestyle!

Sneh Rana – SHOOTING (Womens 10m air rifle)
Prasidhha Jung Shah – SWIMMING (Mens 50m freestyle)
Shreya Dhital – SWIMMING (Womens 100m freestyle)
Pramila Rijal – ATHLETICS (Womens 100m)
Tilak Ram Tharu – ATHLETICS (Mens 100m)

Shreya Dhital:…………..Wednesday, 01 August 2012 10:00am
Sneh Rana:………………Saturday, 28 July 2012 08:15am 
Pramila Rijal:…………….Friday, 03 August 2012 10:40am
Prasiddha Jung Shah:…Thursday, 02 August 2012 10:00am
Tilak Ram Tharu:……….Saturday, 04 August 2012 10:00am

Photo Courtesy: Nabin Pokharel 

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  1. omg the guy luks soo hwatttt. anyways u guys can totally not win it but still participate n well done for yur participation xoxo

  2. <3 the guy :))
    anywz my best wishes to team nepal 🙂
    surprised to see that nepal isn’t participating in taekwando this year though.

  3. Manny: Go Team Nepal…. It feels awesome and proud to see that nepal is increasing the numbers of athletes in sports in every olympics. Knock..Knock… Nepal’s every where to rock..

  4. I am really proud of NEPAL in Olympic.Every time Nepal take a part as they win or loose.All the best of luck for Nepali team in Olympic games 2012.

  5. so little participants,embarrassing shit!btw sherya dhital is hot,love that ass and boob in a 17 years old…more older more juicer,imagine uhhh but she sure can’t qualify in the heat round,look at the fucking big white girls,more power more juicer man lol…nepal needs to improve it facilities in sports very soon or it’s nothing but a fucked up shit just like the fucking politic is fucked up by those fucked up politicians and that fucked up and down our nepal.one love and many cbs.peace

  6. i say…
    why the fuck would you go on 100m and swimming.
    why isn,t nepal in taekwando, badminton, volley ball we are good at these sport.

    • R u fucking retarded it’s because shreya QUALIFIED for her place in the china world champs through universality rules. The other sports didn’t. Fucking retard

  7. I hope the five people participating will perform well and do us proud. And who said you guys cant win? Although the participants are very small in number, if you guys can give your best I am sure you guys will win! You people are the best hopes for us, the selected people, you guys have been training very hard for this very event despite the difficult political conditions in our country. This is the ultimate chance to show your talent and I hope you guys will do our motherland proud!!! ALL THE BEST! YOU CAN DO IT! COME-ON NEPAAALLL 😀

  8. @nepal – “i say…
    why the fuck would you go on 100m and swimming.
    why isn,t nepal in taekwando, badminton, volley ball we are good at these sport.”

    What is wrong with 100m Swimming? or participating in any Olympic sport for that matter. You have to start somewhere, and grow stronger from there. At least these five athletes from Nepal have shown to Nepali’s in Nepal and around the world, that we’re capable of achieving success in Olympic sports other than Taekwondo. Who would have thought Nepal would have entered ‘Air Rifle Shooting’ or ‘Running’, maybe others will now take an interest, which can only be a good thing.

    Look to China, they have been smart in their progress, they identified Sports which the traditional leading nations weren’t good at and excelled at them (grooming them young plays a part).

    But look at our culture too, about time we stopped pressuring our kids to be doctors and engineers and be who they want to be.

    and..Anonymous of 30 July 2012 18:45, you need to improve your language first.

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