Miss UK Nepal 2012 – First Audition

You know its Summer when Miss UK Nepal auditions start taking place, lol.
I was recently invited to the first audition of Miss UK Nepal 2012 at Nirmaya Rodhighar, Aldershot on 20th July along with a team of judges, supporters and advisers of UK’s only Nepali beauty pageant. The panel of judges were made up of Miss UK Nepal 2010 Nabina Gurung, actress Sabrina Shrestha, Founder of London Fashion House Manisha Dangol Shrestha and Miss UK Nepal 2011 Gaumaya Gurung. Oh and me as well. 

The second audition will take place on 4th August in Plumstead, if you are laying idle at home and want to do something to occupy your time or have genuine interest in beauty pageants then surely go ahead and come join the auditions. I’m sure you’ll learn and make a lot of new memories. I’ll quickly jump onto sharing few words about the contestants now… whatever I share is completely personal so please take it with a pinch of salt [if needed].
Contestant: Tina Purja
She came all the way from Bradford for the audition and that definitely shows dedication. Very essential for the training stage and to develop from a contestant to a winner. Though her intro was strictly average I think with time and training she will definitely shine. There’s charm and innocence in her face and I’m sure that will definitely be on her side during the finals.
Contestant: Muna Shrestha
Muna is another contestant who travelled all the way from Grantham. That deffo shows effort. And I hope in the training sessions and on the finale, she learns and carves herself to become an exceptional speaker. The concluding point she made requesting the support of the people was the best part of her introduction. Her ambition to become a model will be put to the test as we’ll have to wait and see if she bags the Miss Catwalk title!
Contestant: Ashika Rai
A recent graduate in Aviation Studies, Ashika Rai instantly stood out for me when she shared her passion for flying and her desire to contribute to Nepali aviation in the future. Now that’s not the typical beauty queen aspiration one hears everyday. Ashika’s introduction delivery and reasoning for being at the audition automatically makes her introduction the strongest. Keep an eye out for her.

Contestant: Nayan Gurung
She seems ambitious. She spoke in a genuine tone which really helps. There’s something about her which makes me feel that she could very well be one of those contestants that will do exceptionally well during the finals. Comparing her situation to former Miss UK Nepal 2010 Nabina Gurung in the introduction worked well for her… it could’ve been disastrous.
That was it for the first audition of Miss UK Nepal 2012. If you’re thinking about trying then I say go for it. A message to the contestants from the first audition and to those trying out very soon, I wish you all the best, preparation is vital. Former Miss UK Nepal Nabina Gurung shared “First impression is not necessarily the last impression”. Agreed. Polish yourselves, hold your heads high and get ready to raise the bar.

Goodluck to all!
Courtesy: Gurkhas.com and Mani Ram Rai

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