Shristi Shrestha Dress By Nilima Maden Limbu

Twenty-three year old Nilima Maden Limbu is the happening designer who’s making quite a buzz in the Kathmandu fashion scene. Neelima’s creation was recently worn by our current Miss Nepal 2012 Shristi Shrestha at Miss World in China. The blue dress definitely helped Shristi stand out.

Nilima has already racked up several awards to her credit including the 12th IEC Designer Contest in 2010. The young lass from Taplejung has been praised by several personalities from the likes of Karishma Manandhar to Malvika Subba. She’s also one of the few selected in-house designers for House of Alternative Apparel. Before Shristi it was Samriddhi Rai who wore Neelima’s creation, the famous red dress, at Miss Tourism International 2011. Lucky Samriddhi also bagged the Miss Personality title at the pageant. When asked how much a Neelima Maden Limbu piece costs, the designer replied coyly by saying “designer wears cost a good sum of money, so do I”. Nicee! You gotta set a bar indeed. Neelima also shared that she’s very keen on dressing Jharana Bajracharya sometime in the future soon.

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  1. yeap it was designed by nilima maden but concept and design itself was given by shristi so lex please dont give wrong info becoz only she is limbu or so on have proper info 1st

  2. Please do your background check before commenting. Lex must have done his side of investigation before posting this blog, since it is about his reputation as well, posting a wrong message can spoil his image and popularity of his site. Criticizing is easy that to appreciate others creation.

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