Purnima Gurung Marries Vitalij Neverkevic

Former Miss Nepal Hong Kong 2005 Purnima Gurung tied the knot with Vitalij Neverkevic in Hampshire on 12th August 2012. The couple underwent a civil ceremony on 29th March earlier this year. The beauty queen who came to popularity after her pageant win has modeled for countless websites including CyberSansar and HKNepal. She was also featured in the music video Angalera by Aura. 

Congratulations to Purnima and Vitalij! All the Best!
PS. Purnima has been living in the UK for many years now so please take your negative comments elsewhere.

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  1. So happy for the couple! Congratulations to them both. Its so great to see that Purnima was able to marry a man she truly loves. Wishing them both a happy future! =]

  2. is it just me or this guy look like trollolloll guy :/ . Russians men (generally) are notorious for being unfaithful, its pretty normal for a man to have a few mistress at the same time (YES a few).
    best of luck to the newly married.

  3. I don’t know if Russian men are unfaithful or whatever crap you just came up with. But Russian men in general are hot! Congratulations!! God bless!

  4. i heard she was marrying aussie guy huh. but ya rumours are now stopped so she married a russian then n by the way where did she meet him n wat does he do? curious clebrity life is hectic xoxo

  5. Let’s just wish her best wishes guys!! This is her life and if she is happy than the whole worlds happy. I am sure she will shine as always.

  6. sujata, I take you are very unaware about russians, other wise you`d know that its not crap.if you find something difficult to beleive does not make it a crap. there is a wide spread poverty and lawlessness all across russia since the fall of soviet union. it`s the society that has seen the likes of the harsest communist rule and it has taken its toll. a generation that grew up in voilence,poverty and lots of vodka it has had an impact on the social norms. russian female are georgeous and very hard working sadly same cant be said for the male. they tolorate husbands and let them get away with cheating. this is also a major reason why you see lots of russian mail bride. and needless to say that russians(eastern european) are probably the most racist bunch even putting the rednecks to shame. you find them hot then good for you but dont go around calling crap to something that you have no knowledge of. also I am talking russians in general, hope this guy is not one of them.

  7. Hey ho..hey ho.. stop lecturing sujata and the whole world about the Russians you racist. Which country do you live in right now? Besides which century? Well we all know we live in a cosmopolitan city. Never mind the colour, gender..just truly look inside.

    Never mind you!! coz people like you are the dirt of a society who will always be there. Still nothings wrong just change your mentality and you will thank us for making this world a better place.

    You sound like one of the most unhappiest person in the planet.

    When it comes to the history it is not just russia, whole europe has a bad history. If you want a lesson please visit the british library history section.

    Thank you and please leave this blog if you are not happy and let other be happy atlest you freak.

    Gosh for real ?????

  8. ^ hey why are angry with someone u dont know because he/she is debating with someone u dont know either ….mind ur own business….from what i see u are the worst type of human being …trying to be a hero or something…u sound like a guy with the longest nose in this world ..pointing it everywhere

  9. I only stated Russian men to be unfaithful as a fun-fact(no fun really but an interesting). here is an ama a russian mailbride did in reddit. http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/w36pl/_/c59whge?context=1
    to gain a prospective from a russian.

    to the person above who says
    ‘Just one word = IGONRE !!’
    if your ideology represents any thing about you is you are a pseudo intellect with a superiority complex.the fact is i doubt you have any thing of value to bring to the table hence you continently wrote ‘Reason = Only fool argues with FOOL. ‘TOSSER

    to [15 August 2012 15:33]
    what gebbrish are you typing you tool. do you even know what ‘british library history section’ is? a total tool. do bit of research and you will discover that 50% of Russians are RACIST or have racist inclination and have neofacists that formed an army of 85,000 members. ‘coz people like you are the dirt of a society who will always be there. Still nothings wrong just change your mentality and you will thank us for making this world a better place.‘ wtf.. did you learn these in special school you Duffer.

  10. One Word= “RACIST”

    one Sentence = ” GOD BLESS YOU “

    Suggestion = ” LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP”



    For your own good = “YOU WIN! Victory for you!! “

    you do know how to copy and paste a link, have you ever heard of reddit? do you even know how to use a pc?
    I’ve maintained decorum. believe me when I say I can be obnoxiously rude.
    Do you understand what SPECIAL SCHOOL is?

    Not sure if you are really that dumb or just trolling.
    For your own good = “YOU WIN! Victory for you!! “
    Thank you in return here are some of the great resources to help you out.

    to help you over come the mammoth task of learning how to use a pc(you should .

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    sadly comments does not support embedding url so you’ll just have to copy and the url. I’ve learnt that this can be difficult for you but perseverance is the key.

    but honestly you comments are entertaining, I cant wait to see what words/proverbs you’ll use in your following comment. 🙂

    • I agree with you. Some peoples mental caliber just don’t match. But you my friend, for sure are a person with wide knowledge. Beside, i could see you were only making a general comment at the beginning. Cheers (whoever you are ;))

  12. Cut the crap, all of you, will you. Come on guys, the couple has just married and you are already giving your verdict on their spousal life. You have absolutely right to discuss the matter. Grow up will you.

  13. Still = ” YOU WON!! VICTORY FOR YOU..”

    O thanks for your link and i’v picked some Proverbs for you which are very useful indeed.

    – ” A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control.”

    Cheers Byee!!

  14. Exactly!! the couple has just got married rather than wishing them best wishes was it necessary to comment on the Russians in general. It was just not the right forum to discuss i guess. Happy moments xxx

    Yeah!! just grow up guys.

  15. kura ta thik nai ho jasto kyarey dekhchu ma yaha tara kina ho kina shrawan mahina ko andhakar, devi deutaharu lay pani manday-naan bhanchan hamra buda paka haru, abo arko Magh mahina dekhi herau kay huncha. Ma racist ta hoina tara pani gora ra hufsi jati sanga gako hamro cheli beti haru ending ma lost and found ma nai pugcha. Jay hosh jasto bhayay pani jindagi bachnu parcha. Mero subhakamana cha uwa lai.

  16. I don’t know why we nepalese people always act like this.its completely their own decision and there is no use of criticising or objecting other’s decision.i know every people have their own way of thinking and i can see that here but i think it should kept within them only, not in a informative site like this.if you really want to discuss about it, make a forum and talk there.wish her if you like to but please don’t post anything which is out of topic.
    As for me i would like to congratulate them and wish them all the best for future 🙂

  17. aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh kay kay po hola bhaneyko ta. Long happy marriage bhayey pani usko afno jindagi, divorce lonely life bhayey pani usko afnai ho. Kina sabai judge garney. Please stop it.

  18. ya guys its not a big deal,,but if she married to a lower cast nepali it would b a bigger it isint…grow up on that,,,ppl think marring gora or kale is supperior or above casteism n religion,,,yes ur right who ever you r ,,,writing n giving knowledge to ignorent ppl here ,,,cheers mate…n hope she had a good life a head,,,n dont have to hide from anyone on later days,,bless her..

  19. God have given her beutifull face and figure but unfortunately she hasn’t got her very good future.I ve been there and not only that I ve seen it many. She could have choosen very good life but it is her life…I truly wish they have a happy ending.

  20. I’ve seen her around and always wondered what she does. So she is a beauty queen and she married her king 😀
    Her family are an inspiration 🙂

    I don’t know why it’s so hard for some people to be happy for others ESPECIALLY when happiness is seldom there…

    Maybe that is why you are wallowing in unhappiness, cursing others who have made their own path?? 😛

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