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London Mela recently celebrated it’s 10th anniversary at Gunnersbury Park on 19th August in the midst of an eighty thousand strong crowd. It was indeed the 10th year for the mela, let me emphasize that this is LONDON MELA and NOT Nepali Mela. For us Nepalis, I believe the day was very significant as WE were representing and showcasing Nepal to non-Nepalis. We have received plenty of opportunities to spread and promote Nepal in Nepali events from our gauley bhelas to Gurkha Cup, Nepali Mela and more but when given an opportunity such as London Mela to promote Nepal as a destination for tourists I jumped at the given opportunity. As a volunteer one can get demotivated very quickly but I just want to thank all the team of volunteers (including myself) who took their time and effort to be part of London Mela from the Nepal side. Whether you danced, sang, talked or simply showed your attendance by coming to the event, thank you for being part of London Mela. I was based at the Nepal stall for the most of the day and I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the public and answering their questions about Nepal. Some members of the public seemed very enthusiastic about visiting our country and few even shared their memories of Nepal. Unfortunately, there were some people who weren’t at ease with the idea of travelling to Nepal for a holiday due to the things that they had heard and read about the situation of our country. We are a nation of hope and I hope the best for Nepal. 

Few people to thank. Hadez Band, Haami Band, Jerusha Rai, Embassy of Nepal, ALL the dance troupe, stall volunteers, Montys Nepalese and the Miss UK Nepal 2012 contestants for giving their time. It was also good to meet some of you guys : )

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