Sarala Thapa’s Gauley Project

She’s one of the presenters of the radio show Yuva Vibes, a former contestant of Miss UK Nepal 2010 and is the number one person that you need if you’re going to do something in Folkestone. Sarala Thapa will be making her way to Kathmandu this Sunday 26th August for few weeks. The voice of Yuva Vibes is currently on a fundraising spree for her upcoming video project which will see Sarala taking up the gauley lifestyle for a week! The idea is quite an exciting one and challenging too! Gobar lipney, ghas katney, gai duney – are few of the things that Sarala will be getting up to in her gauley week. Before you jump to conclusion and label this as a mere publicity stunt then you might be glad to know that all this is being done to raise funds for Manzil Rana’s Maya Universe Academy which is in desperate need for financial assistance in order to bring internet access. Manzil Rana is a US graduate who is currently in Nepal observing and managing Maya Universe Academy. 

Donations have already started pouring in for Sarala online and offline even before the start of her project. If you wish to donate then please click on the link below. Alternatively, you can wait until the she returns from her trip to Nepal for the videos and photos. Wishing Sarala all the best for the project and hopefully she’ll be able to not only collect a lot of money but share memories and stories that will also encourage and motivate many along the way.


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