Spc Saral Kumar Shrestha – Soldier of the Year

Spc Saral Kumar Shrestha was recently awarded ‘Soldier of the Year 2012’. Saral who is a graduate from Belluevue University in Nebraska in Bachelors in Computer Information Science Networking enlisted into the US army in September 2009. According to Republica daily Saral is with the Special Forces Command (Airborne) in the US army. The young achiever is once again in the line-up for the ‘Best Warrior’ award in October. 
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UPDATED: 25/08/2012
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  1. Proud of his achievement but would have liked to know more on how actually he managed to do that. Also it’s quite a feat to get to a sergeant within 3 years of enlistment. Well done!

  2. Mr Ram Rai, Here is a question for you. Are u amazed why a Shrestha is awarded that award instead of gurung, magar,rai and limbu?

  3. Way to go Mr. Saral! 😀

    And Mr. Anonymous .. I am sure Mr. Ram didn’t mean what you are suggesting. I think he just wants to know Saral’s achievements that led to him getting this award.

  4. K ko rish uthyo nee mr ram le question gareko ma k wrong vaneko cha kasaiko barema janna ra sodhna k huncha rah…..

  5. What the hell is SPC any way. Every fucking Gurkhas in the UK gets Best soldier and Top student every year and courses. That is not a surprise.

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