Fashion Extravanganza in Dharan

Sahana Bajracharya Glows in Seemaz Collection
Jharana Bajracharya 
Malvika Subba wearing HAA (House of Alternative Apparel)
Malina Joshi looking radiant and graceful

Jharana in Seemaz Collection
Actress Nisha Adhikari in HAA
Aastha Pokharel wearing HAA
Writer Samriddi Rai
Backstage: Samriddhi, Jharana and Aastha

Known as the fashionable city, Dharan was full of Nepal’s most desired ladies on 29th September at the Nirvana Country Club. The Fashion Extravaganza with a cocktail party had Malvika Subba as the emcee and Jharana Bajracharya, Sahana Bajracharya, Samriddhi Rai, Nisha Adhikari and Malina Joshi as the featured models. Along with these well-known figures were the rising models from Kathmandu including Aastha Pokharel, Prina Maharjan and Rashmita Maharjan. That’s just a few names. The models from Kathmandu were also joined on the catwalk by the ladies of Dharan. Gotta give it to the fashionistas of Nepal for spreading their wings and taking their creations further. The red dress from House of Alternative Apparel worn by Malvika Subba looks lovely! So ladies, before you wander off to Durbar Marg next time, please do check out Made in Nepal products at HAA. On show were three sequences by House of Alternative Apparel and a final sequence by Seemaz Collection.

Candid moment between Jharana and Malvika after the fashion show

It’s wonderful to see such events and shows take place beyond Kathmandu. Huge kudos needs to be given to Veemall Rai and his team for making the event happen. We must always learn and explore beyond as people there should be able to see what Kathmandu has to offer without actually going to Kathmandu; in terms of fashion, education and so on. Glad to see our models being cooperative and spreading their wings too! 

PS. Photos by We Dharane!

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  1. I miss Nirvana country club for so many reasons…my ping pong game with my friend…the place where I played golf for the first time and so hated it…the first dance party that I ever attended to was in the same club..
    And well love the fashionable city tag given to Dharan…

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