Robin and The New Revolution in UK

Robin and the New Revoulution

28 October; Block the date now and get yourself down to The North School in Ashford to feel, embrace and hear popular Nepali rock band ROBIN AND THE NEW REVOLUTION. The KETA KETI singers will be arriving in the UK very soon for the Ashford gig organised by Himali Ltd. The bad boys of Nepali rock music have already rocked crowds in Australia earlier this year and I’m sure they’re super excited about performing to the Nepalis in the UK. Hopefully they’ll spread away the Autumn chills. Several other local bands and artists will also perform at the event which is scheduled to run from 3PM to 9PM. October is definitely KENTS month. With Crazy Kent and Robin and the new Revolution; do I need to say more? 

PS. They’re coming all the way from Nepal. Make them feel welcome; rock a little louder. Be safe.

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Lex Limbu
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