Nepali Film Dhanda in UK

Nepali cinemas next big release Dhanda had it’s very first UK screening in Ashford on 22nd December 2012. The cinegoers in Ashford had an exclusive watch as the film is only slated for release all over in Nepal on 28th December. Dhanda which has been directed by Sudarshan Thapa stars Arpan Thapa in lead alongside Samuna KC, Kamal Mani Nepal, Puskar Gurung and more. The film will be screened in Aldershot and London on 12th and 13th January 2013. Those that have had the chance to watch the film share a lot positive feedback! The trailer looks gritty, edgy and definitely something you won’t want to miss out. Very much looking forward to seeing the film.

Story Outline: It’s about a guy who loses his self-esteem during the rush towards his dream of migrating overseas. After couple of weeks waking up in the hospital he loses his sanity, he finds himself remodeled, only things that has left him from toe to head is the stitches, lost hope and betrayal, as he can’t escape from his past and no hope from the future. The movie tries to solve the mystery of his catastrophe. (Dhanda Facebook Page)

PS. Amazing trailerrrr raaaaiighhhhtttt??????

Aldershot Show
Venue: Princes Hall, Aldershot
Date: Saturday, 12 January
Time: 1700 – 21oo
Tickets: To Be Confirmed
London Show
Venue: Paul Robeson Theatre, Hounslow (TW3 1ES)
Date: Sunday, 13 January
Time: 1330 Onwards
Tickets: £10

Ashford Screening

Ashford Screening

Ashford Screening

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