Windmills for Mustang

Tashi’s Turbine | Amitabh Raj Joshi from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo.

The video above, TASHI’S TURBINE was a short made for the FOCUS FORWARD Filmmaker Competition. A complete bummer as I only got around to viewing this #LexMail a little too late, however we all can watch this and see a fine example of a man who is in his own way doing something to better his region. If we all thought like that and did something for our own village then I’m sure we would see better things and a renewed hope amongst people.

Tashi Bista, finds a way to bring alternative energy to Mustang, a remote region in Nepal, where he lives, by harnessing the power of wind.

Producer/ cinematographer: Amitabh Raj Joshi
Editor/ associate producer: Erik Spink
Production Sound: Nabin Uprety
featuring: Tashi Bista and Jeevan Kumar Oli

Windmills for Mustang is a Facebook page, quite inactive but the page was setup by a team of volunteers including Tashi who dedicated their time to install a small wind-turbine in Upper Mustang’s village and bring light to a school and as many homes as possible. If you guys can, please head over to their Facebook page and spread some of your feedback on their work or leave it as a comment below.

Windmills For Mustang – Facebook

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