Against Gender-Based Violence

Poster by Pradeep Kumar Singh
Poster by Pradeep Kumar Singh

It has well been over a week since people started protesting outside Baluwatar over women’s safety in Nepal. The case of Sita Rai, a woman returning to Nepal from Saudi Arabia robbed and rape by government officials managed to grab the attention of hundreds after it was covered by several media outlets. The rally against rape demands better protection of women and strict punishment for those involved in the Sita Rai case. Furthermore, this protest has managed to bring forth many cases of women that have suffered from gender-based violence in Nepal. Saraswati Subedi, Bindu Thakur, Chorimaiya Maharjan and Shiva Hashmi have become household names at the protest site. Their stories of suffering is encouraging more and more to occupy Baluwatar on a daily basis.

We need women that are strong, not afraid to speak, aware of their entitlements and ready to fight and we need men that respect women for who they are, see them as an equal and are not threatened by strong women. How do we go about this?? Where are we going wrong… The youth and the children today must be raised knowing this is wrong (rape and sexual harassment) and they must be able to look at a woman or a girl as an equal. The ones who are older and are committing such crimes SHOULD be punished and they need to be an example that others wish not to follow!

This Friday January 11, we invite you to gather with us outside the Embassy of Nepal in London to make a mark and show the government that we are not satisfied with its response to violence against women. We will be gathering from 2PM till 3PM only so please do arrive on time. If you are far or have work then please encourage those you know to attend.



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