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She just got wayy hotter. Here’s Bollywood actress Udita Goswami speaking in Nepali on Beyond Nepal, Himalaya TV. Udita shares that her mum hails from Shillong and her paternal grandmother was originally from Janakpur in Nepal. She also shares what her favourite Nepali dish is, her familiarity to Nepali songs and her visits to Kathmandu in the past.

I watched Paap because I thought, oh my who’s this good looking. I wish she had done more during that time when she was doing the movies such as Zeher and Aksar. Hopefully we will see her in more films, be it Bollywood or Hollywood. Or maybe our Nepali filmmakers can rope her in for a Nepali film #whoknows

On that note, I’ll leave you with a popular track featuring Udita. Agar Tum Mil Jao.

Udita Goswami Nepal

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  1. She just got married with movie director..weddin reception on 31st jan..so either shes gonna come up with loads of movies or gonna stay and enjoy loads of money…

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