Miss Nepal 2013 Finalists Unveiled

The girls at Maiti Nepal Head Office
The girls at Maiti Nepal Head Office

Expert advice from hair and make-up guru Sakil Kunwar
Expert advice from hair and make-up guru Sakil Kunwar

Girls of 2013 with photographer Raj Bhai Suwal
Girls of 2013 with photographer Raj Bhai Suwal

Current Miss Nepal Shristi Shrestha with the new contestants
Current Miss Nepal Shristi Shrestha with the new contestants

The journey to search for the next beauty queen is on full-swing!

The 18th Miss Nepal beauty pageant will take place on March 17, 2013 at Hotel Annapurna in Durbar Marg. As the pageant has been sponsored by Fanta this year, the winner will automatically be the brand ambassador for the soft-drink. In addition to that she will also be the WWF Young Conservation Ambassador and win Nrs 50,000.

There is an enormous challenge for the girls this year as the Miss Nepal 2012 girls had an outstanding year in Nepal and in the international pageants as well. Having said that, I can already spot several familiar faces in the group photo including models, VJ’s and even an athlete. I’m sure they will all bring their best. All the best to the girls.

UPDATE: 04/03/2013 – Here are the photos of the contestants. Do comment below and share which contestant number you like right now… 3 and 11 FTW.

Aishwarya Upadhaya Miss Nepal 2013 Ashmita Sitaula Miss Nepal 2013 Bindu KC Miss Nepal 2013 Ishani Shrestha Miss Nepal 2013 Maya Sawad Miss Nepal 2013 Meghna Shrestha Miss Nepal 2013 Oshima Banu Miss Nepal 2013 Pratima Giri Miss Nepal 2013 Rachana Bharati Miss Nepal 2013 Rakshya Thapa Miss Nepal 2013 Renu Pokharel Miss Nepal 2013 Riju Shrestha Miss Nepal 2013 Rozesha Shahi Thakuri Miss Nepal 2013 Samikshya Shrestha Miss Nepal 2013 Shritima Shah Miss Nepal 2013 Sipora Gurung Miss Nepal 2013 Sujata Balami Miss Nepal 2013 Sumi Lama Miss Nepal 2013

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  1. All of them seem to be full of potential…and are beautiful in their own ways. But I am actually looking out for Contestant number 15 SUMI LAMA….she really stands out in group photo, and outshines even a veteran like Oshima Banu. Lets see how this beauty matches in terms of brains. Best of luck all 😉

  2. TBH- I find Sumi Moktan to be a cake face and too short for this competition. She is popular but doesn’t mean she is good.

    Rojisha Shah-Shes tall cute stunning, I like her for Miss World

    Riju Shreshta-Has a good face-height is okay too- I like her for MISS EARTH Nepal.

    Ashmita sitoula- I think she is soooo underrated! Seeing as she doesn’t tell her friends to go vote for her like the other girls. I know she is not popular but she so tall and beautiful facially! In miss teen Nepal she was one of the best speakers.

    I LOVE Sipora Gurung- However rumor is that she is not that good at speaking or walking in heels…As long as she improve that she is stunning!

    MAYA: One of the dark horses in the competition, She is quiet tall and pretty. Educated in India I find her a better version of Shiritima- because Shiritima’s face I just cant get over.Thulo mukh thulo naak aunty types.

    Pratima Oshima and Ishani are also pretty but short. Who knows if they answer the question well enough they might bag a title. I like that they are more natural than Sumi.

  3. Shiritima has alot of brains though, If Maya’s answers as good as her then Maya is better option for sure…but I swear Shritima is 5’6 not 5’8.5 :S

  4. Actually Ishani is one of the taller girls….
    The short pretty ones are : Sumi,Pratima,Samikshya and Oshima

    The TALL pretty ones are: Rojisha, Ishani, Riju,Ashmita,Maya and Sipora.

    The girls with the most brains are: Rojisha,Shiritima,Ashmita

    The girls with alot of charm on stage(You can see the video on youtube): Ishani and Riju

    The rest are just fillers.

  5. Oh and most photogenic- I am judging based on the shots that miss nepal has released ( Also the most improved):

    Aishwarya- She has improved alot in her official portrait compared to this one.
    Ashmita: Constantly always photogenic. However her legs and arms are very fat! She needs to tone up.

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