A Young Nepali Muslim Maiden In Her Finest

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Previously published on Republica’s ‘The Week’.

Photo and text by Anupama Dhamala.

Lex Limbuhttps://lexlimbu.com
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Why not shed some light about the endegenous Nepali Damai Kami Gandarva Kamai Badi people and their community Mr lex limbu. Muslim were never people of nepal they came from Bangladesh and Pakistan . Truly u are one overrated blog .

    • Seriously after reading your comments, I doubt Nepal will be any good place to live! If shitheads like you (who are literate to use computers) have thoughts like that, I fear Nepal’s future. other FUKAS! Everyone is EQUAL!

      • Hello Nepal, at the end of your comment u said “Everyone is EQUAL” . Well even i believe in equality but if u were in muslim majority countries especially in pakistan . I don’t think they treats u(minority group) like human being. Forget Right & equality u will be treated even worse than animals.
        Jai pashupatinath ! ! !

  2. @ram khadka – ‘overated’ – then perhaps don’t read. Muslims have been in Nepal since the 15th/16th centuries, arguably longer than some people who claim to be Nepali. So to say they are not Nepalese (please use the term Nepali, Nepalese is fading out) is ridiculous, many Muslims have lived for generations within the Nepali borders.

    The media has clearly done their job right. Well done for accepting their propaganda.

  3. Vijay, That is why Pakistan is Pakistan and it is not Australia, USA, Canada or UK. People are treated equally in developed, civilised parts of the world. That is why they are developed!

    • Ha ! Ha!! Ha !!! well agree to what u said but they are even polluting(that’s what they are doing in their home country & now trying to spread all over the world) civilised western world where they r minority.Take U.K for example where they(muslim) are showing “DADAGIRI” . I don’t want to discuss more abt this topic .
      so http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2279972/Anjem-Choudary-Hate-preacher-pocketing-25-000-year-benefits-calls-fanatics-live-state.html . plz read this article & judge yourself .
      My dear friend lex limbu, i would also like u to read this article(i know u have nothing to do with it).To know more abt this stupid guy who wants to introduce “SHARIA LAW” in the U.K & wants seperate islamic state within U.k which is totally unacceptable.
      Jai pashupatinath !!!

      • There will be always few rotten potatoes in a sack of hundreds. Even when you say Jai Pashupati Nath everytime, though I respect your passion toward religion, it makes you one of those retard. Who fight to claim their religion is greater than others. Like you are defending yours against Islam extremist! You are being a radical Hinduist here! I dont care about any religion. First humanity and than you can think about rest but with in yourself! So, think OPENLY!

        • Lol……….. radical hindu ? me ? how ? just because i chant Jai Pashupatinath(does it harms anyone when i chant it ?) wow ! what a great thought u have !
          Really some narrow minded people like u talks just rubbish & nothing else.
          Ok here’s 3 gentlemen whose humanity is just to kill innocent people (the way to wonderful paradise, according to them)
          so,again judge yourself .
          Jai pashupatinath !!!

          • Exactly, your system is stuck to prove someone else wrong! Why would you want to prove yourself superior by comparing with terrorists. That means you see them as your nearest difference, and that’s shame! Move on man! And yeah you saying Jai Pashupati nath doesnot do any harm, but it is like you having a pain in ass when Lex wrote about a Muslim young lady. WHY would you have problem with a religion of others if you love yours so much? Dont be hypocrite!

          • And by saying you Hindu radical, trust me you are one! You dont know that, if you are brainwashed as they are done in Afghanistan or Pakistan by Islamist cleric masterfully, I have very less doubts you would act stupid like them! I dont want to argue anymore, because what you are saying is a point of perception. This will never end!

          • Nepal, Cut the crap……………………….. .some of your comments is absolutely nonsense, you are blaming & making your own statements without knowing the facts.
            can u plz answers me these few questions which are as below
            why u always have a problem when i chant “jai pashupatinath”(even u admitted that it doesn’t hurts anyone ).
            why should i hate other religions (did i expressed my hate toward other religions in my previous comments),I was just exposing the terrorists who targets ordinary people like us.
            what evidence do u have that i’m a radical hindu(i don’t think i’m just because chanting jai pashupatinath) ,if u thinks i’m then prove it !
            Out of nearly 1 billion hindu & more than 1.3 billions christian ,Have u ever heard of Hindu terrorists or christian terrorists.

            True is bitter ! get real !
            Jai pashupatinath !!!

    • Well to tell you the truth there is no equality in the world, equality is not dependent on there definition of wether it be a first, second or third class country. Equality is only achived when one reaches an understanding for the other.

  4. well i typed sexy napalise gals n i c gals in burcha tis wat i c @ home i think dis is just 2 suck ur net credit

  5. Oh really muslim are not a nepali ..:-/
    Actualy they are nepali ok who liver in nepal they cal nepali whatsever the caste or religion is nd muslim dont force u to revert ur religion :->

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