Nepal in 2022 – The Great Vision

Nepal in 2022
Nepal in 2022. Photo from Nepali Times (1-7 March, 2013)

I don’t think I need to write any more. If the current nation-wide infrastructure projects, hydropower ambitions and airport plans are completed in the next ten years then this is what Nepal could possibly shape out to be like. Honestly, this requires a great sense of optimism and I am sure many that are viewing this are probably thinking, “thats what I thought ten years ago”, but I do hope that we are continuously working towards this great vision for Nepal. 2022 or 2052, fast or slow; we are definitely on the road forward. This infographic was shared by Nepali Times for 1-7 March, 2013 “A Great Leap Forward”.

To read a more in-depth report on this then please click here.

Fingers crossed at least ONE of the things work out for us. Health and Education and Energy for the win. What do you guys suggest is the most important for us?

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  1. Utter bullshit! A propaganda to fool Nepalese and deviate from key important yet basic features like security, education, health, jobs! First get those and talk about flying MUTHAFAKASSSS!!!! I have listening this for 100 years now, and with this everybody goes into dreamland. I feel like punching this computer screen wight now to vent my anger! And that computer screen would be Baburam, Prachanda, Oli, Jhalanath, Sushil Koirala, and those so called ‘Madesi’ netas! Fucking scums!

  2. It should undoubtedly be energy. Also, getting rid of all the political leaders/losers soon.Inspite of our unstable government, the people of our country possess loads of potentials, with the up-coming generation we can see the positive change in sectors like fashion, media, social groups and many others. In order to pace this improvement we need Energy the most. Hopefully, the plan can be put into implementation soon. The plan would have been perfect if it has shown all the guilty political leaders , taking our country downhill ,behind bars in the near future.

  3. Why are we focusing so intently on technological advancement and transportation? While those two issues are important, the way to create a human-rights centered, environmentally-conscious, and culturally sensitive development is by 1) ending corruption, 2) creating a stable political environment, and 3) raising awareness amongst everyone. If we continue to have corruption, how will we have order in the country? People should not be able to get away with the rampant bribery just so they can heighten their comfort, power and prestige unfairly and selfishly. With corruption, we lose trust in one another. And we lose trust in a just system of checks and balances. People, if they are not treated fairly, will get frustrated. If that frustration cannot be harnessed into creating meaningful change, they will lash out violently or destructively.

    A stable political environment, where the voices of the voiceless is heard, means that the faith in bettering everyone’s condition is restored. It means that businesses can thrive because investors here and from abroad can trust the political conditions enough to invest in the country’s development. It means that those who can propel the country forward through politics will want to get involved in the government because they know they have a fair chance of actually helping others. It means that those who can go abroad may actually stay behind, contributing to the country’s growth, because they know the country isn’t on the brink of another political explosion.

    And we need to create awareness, not just chase academic education, because we need our country people to think for themselves. Instead of creating more anger and violence (see comment from March 7th as example), we need people to understand a situation from all perspectives and act constructively. We need people to not be blinded by money and the bright lights of cities or other countries, but to understand that a modern life may mean more complications, such as poorer health; a movement away from traditional notions of family and community; obsession with technology; body issues, especially for women; and environmental destruction. For instance, our country’s economy is heavily agriculture dependent. Why don’t we raise awareness about the importance of agriculture, especially sustainable forms of it, and give pride to those who toil in the sun to feed the rest of the nation? Why don’t we educate farmers to secure a more stable life for themselves through their work? Our country is comprised heavily of villages and there is NOTHING wrong with that. Instead of focusing so much on trains and roads as if they will solve all of our problems, why don’t we focusing on ensuring the people have good health, the right to live their life as they want, pride in who they are, an environment in which they can co-exist peacefully with nature, and the ability to think for themselves, believe in themselves, and be empowered?

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