Longest Talkshow Record By Rabi Lamichhane

Rabi Lamichhane Marathon Talkshow
Huge congratulations to Rabi Lamichhane for setting the world record by hosting the longest ever talk show on News24 channel. US based Lamichhane who is currently in Nepal, stayed on air for more than 62 hours. In those hours, Lamichhane interviewed politicians, journalists and celebrities, including the maoist leader Prachanda. The theme of the event was to promote that Lord Buddha was born in Nepal. On top of that, Lamichhane was also devoted in promoting Nepal globally through this world record.

He was given a five minute break every hour following the Guinness World Record rules. The former radio and TV journalist is currently a resident in Baltimore in the United States where he is the manager of the sandwich shop Subway. You can read more about this on the BBC website, yepp’ he’s been featured!

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